Benefits of a Co-Curricular Record

What is a Co-Curricular Record [CCR]?

 A Co-Curricular Record provides official recognition for your out-of-classroom contributions. The document highlights your participation, essential skill development, learning outcomes, and achievements throughout your time at UFV.

Why do I need a Co-Curricular Record [CCR]?

A CCR enhances your resume, scholarship applications as well as your academic and career portfolios. It will assist you to market your experiences and skills to employers, graduate and/or professional programs, and for grant/bursary applications.

In addition, having a CCR:

  • Allows students the opportunity to record their co-curricular participation during their years at UFV
  • Provides students with another tool to market themselves
  • Helps students identify developmental and leadership skills gained from out-of-classroom involvement

What kind of experiences are eligible for CCR recognition?

Each experience must be validated by a UFV faculty or staff member or a pre-determined representative of an outside organization with whom UFV has created a Memorandum of Agreement. For internal experiences, volunteer and paid positions [Work Study Grant Program, student staff, etc.] are eligible, however, the student must NOT receive academic credit. For external organization, recognition is provided for volunteer positions only.

How do experiences appear on my CCR?

Following the completion of a CCR eligible position, login to myCampusLife and click "Add an Experience to CCR" on the main home page. Once validated, you will see this refelected on your CCR.

How do I view my CCR?

Login to myCampusLife. Beside your name in the top right corner of your screen, click the dropdown arrow and select Involvements. In your Involvements area you can access your Co-Curricular Record. You are able to print an unofficial copy of your record, however, an official copy must be requested from the forms tab in the Co-Curricular Record organization page.

For more information, please contact us.


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