Why a Reflection?

Self-reflection is a key component of any learning experience and co-curricular experiences are no different. We have made reflection submission a requirement with the hope that by reflecting you will not only get more from those experiences, but you will be able to clearly communicate and articulate your accomplishments and skill development to future employers. 

How do I write a good Reflection?

A good reflection should not only include the duties associated with an experience, but should also provide detail with achieved learning outcomes, skill development and personal accomplishment associated with your participation in the activity. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. What specifically did you do when you participated in this experience?
  2. How did you ensure you would get positive results?
  3. What principles, theories, policies, or standards did you apply?
  4. What style or personal qualities did you bring to the experience?
  5. What were the positive results of your participation?


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