Tips to Help You Out

Our best tip that we can give to our new students is to attend New Student Orientation and get friendly with your Ambassador. Your UFV Ambassador is the best help you can get! At NSO they will be there to give you a tour of the school as well as tell you some of the "tricks of the trade" to make your transition to university easier. Feel free to get their email and keep in touch. They are there for you! In the coming months who knows what questions you might need answered.

Study tips

Learn to study effectively through the free programs (or handouts) done by the wonderful people at Student Services. 

Also, check out our effective studying and learning tips here

Learning Style

Knowing your learning style can help you determine your best method to study. You can either go to Student Services for help, or look for a free online personal assessment of your learning styles. It also helps to know who you are and your outlooks by taking accredited personality tests as this too can affect how you participate in class, take notes, as well as study.

Library Help

Are you new to using the library? Check in the Library to see if the librarians are giving free library orientations. You can check out their webpage to see if there is anything there that can help you.

Advice for building study groups 

E-mail your classmates through your myUFV (you’ll be able to see the course’s participants) asking who’d like to form a study group. Then try to pick a few times a week that will work for the majority and find somewhere to study. The library has rooms you can book for quiet study; there is also a lounge available at U-House (F Building). For making times/announcements about the group, try making a Facebook group for you study group members so that you can all stay in touch.


Computer access

Computer use is valuable and important!  Some instructors only accept typed assignments and some textbooks come with supplementary CD’s and web sites.  UFV has free computer labs and helpful lab monitors.  All UFV students get a free student e-mail account – check this account regularly because most instructors use only the “” accounts to communicate with you. Also, there is campus wide wireless available to students. To check out how the wireless works, click here.


Beware of over commitment! Effective learning takes time outside class, not merely attendance in classes. It’s recommended that for every class you’re in you spend at least 3 additional hours a day on that class.  Remember: the changes you must make in your social or work schedule in order to be successful during the semester are for 15 weeks only, not the rest of your life!

Tips for finances

Strapped for cash? Go talk to the wonderful people in Financial Aid and Awards in the Student Services office, or check out their webpage.

Learning Commons

These buildings house the Math and Writing Centres, in G on the Abbotsford Campus and Library in Chilliwack, where you can get help on your assignments, essays, and comprehension.

Bike Storage on Campus

There are metal box-like structures outside some of the buildings near the doors that are actually for bike storage. You can rent a lock to one if you want. See the Facilities department located in Building B, room 150 for Abbotsford and Building W, building 1017 in Chilliwack.


Pay parking is in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the Abbotsford King Road campus, Chilliwack Canada Education Park campus, and off campus in Abbotsford on some neighbouring city streets. For detailed information about parking at UFV, visit the Parking section of the Facilities website. Remember to arrive early for classes so you have time to find parking, which can be difficult, ans so that you have time to pay for parking as well.


In Chilliwack the bookstore is located across fromTim Hortons, while in Abbotsford the bookstore is located in Building H (Baker House Residence building). The bookstores are often the least busy over the dinner hour. Note: DO NOT skimp on textbooks. Sharing rarely works. The bookstore carries some used books, or you can check the bulletin boards around campus (mainly on the bottom floor of Building B in Abbotsford. Another great place to find textbooks is where you can find almost any used textbook from UFV students that have already taken the course.

Maps of UFV

You can access maps of the campuses electronically through Facilities - hint: look under "directions". Take a look at these and try to orient yourself to what buildings your classes will be in, and feel free to explore! 


Coffee locations

In Abbotsford, Clickz café (Tim Horton’s) can be pretty busy in the mornings, but there are other places to get your morning fix: Cascade café (cafeteria), The Press (convenience store in Building H beside Campus Bookstore), or Roadrunner café (Building A, main floor). For Chilliwack, check out the cafeteria (Tim Hortons) or Starbucks in the atrium!

Welcome to UFV! You have the power to succeed!!



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