Past Conferences & Retreats 
Student Summit Leadership Skills Conference - 2013  
Step It Up! Leadership Retreat - 2012
Advocates for Equality - 2012
Epic Leadership Skills Conference - 2011
Student Leadership Retreat - 2011
Racism & Anit-Racism Student Leadership Conference - 2011
Leadership Skills Development Conference - 2010
Chehalis Leadership Conference - 2010
Chehalis Leadership Retreat - 2009
Zajac Ranch Leadership Retreat - 2008
Epic Leadership Conference - 2008

Student Summit Leadership Skills Conference 
January 26-27, 2013
The Student Summit Leadership Skills Conference gave students the opportunity to grow their leadership abilities to new levels. Thank you to all attendees and presenters for making the conference a great success.

Step It Up! Student Leadership Retreat Summer 2012
Student Leadership Retreat of Summer 2012 was a complete success! Heartfelt thank you to all attendees and presenters. Learn more...

Advocates for Equality Leadership Conference
March 2-3, 2012
For more information on this successful conference click here

Epic Leadership Skills Conference
Fall 2011
The Fall 2011 Epic Leadership Skills Conference was a success! Thank you to all delegates and facilitators.  Click here for photos and conference details.

Student Leadership Retreat: Today's Vision. Tomorrow's Reality
May 13-15, 2011.  Zajac Ranch, Mission B.C 
This retreat was the kind of experience that every student leader should have at least ONCE in University!  Click here to watch the extended video


Racism and Anti-Racism Student Leadership Conference  
March 18th-19th
The Racism and Anti-Racism Student Leadership Conference was a great success! For more details of the conference, click here.

Leadership Skills Development Conference
Fall 2010

A successful conference was held on December 4th, 2010.  With a variety of presentations, keen students participants and delicious food, this event  provided great information and a lasting memories. 

Chehalis Leadership Conference
May 28-30, 2010
Imagine a Sustainable UFV
In this challenge, students designed and implemented a UFV community-related project, and used music to help you effect a positive change

Chehalis Leadership Retreat
May 29-31, 2009
Five Fundamental Questions where addressed at the 2009 Chehalis retreat:

  • What is your mission
  • Who is your customer
  • What does the customer consider value
  • What have been your results
  • What is your plan

Zajac Ranch
April 2008
In April 2008 students gathered at Zajac Ranch for Leadership Conference with the challenge to "Explore your leadership potential".

Epic Leadership Conference
January 2008
In January 2008, UFV's Student Leadership Board held its Epic Leadership Conference 2008 from January 31st-February 2nd. This conference offered a variety of sessions including: 

  • Small group development
  • Multiculturalism
  • Portfolio development
  • Event planning
  • Meyer Briggs
  • and more...


Student Summit Series

UFV Student Life invites you to attend the Student Summit Series of workshops.

Participants will engage in a variety of hands-on and interactive workshops and activities to strengthen their leadership skills. This conference will have a focus on students involved with a club and/or association on campus, however ALL UFV students are encouraged and welcome to attend. Be ready to self-reflect, work with your peers and of course have fun as we learn new skills, network with others, build personal leadership and add a greater value to UFV student organizations!

Session 2 will be on November 12 OR 13 from 4-8pm. To register, complete the online application form above, or email with your full name and student number.


Download your own copy of the Student Summit event calendar 

Latest Retreats & Conference‌s:

Student Summit - Summer 2013 #Unexpected Leadership retreat

Held at beautiful Otter Lake in Tulameen BC, the Summer 2013 leadership retreat brought together more than 25 students from various clubs and associations. With the direct focus on finding innovative, creative, and interactive ways to engage our amazing UFV student body, the various workshops held throughout the weekend allowed each student the chance to brainstorm their new ideas while learning how to effectively plan, promote, and pull-off future events. For a full gallery of images visit and like our Student Life Facebook page.


2013 Build and Empower Anti-Bullying Conference - April 12, 2013. For a full gallery of event imgaes visit and like our Student Life Facebook page.




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