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"Je Suis Charlie??" - Wed. March 4, 4-6 pm, F-125 (UHouse)

On January 7, 2015 less than hour after the world watched with horror the ghastly massacre of 11 unarmed employees of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, a twitter handle #jesuischarlie started trending and by the time the day was over, millions had expressed shock at the incident and pledged to continue fighting any attack on the freedom of speech. What followed was an international outcry to preserve our most basic fundamental right, the freedom of expression and the world saw top leaders rallying in Paris to send out a strong message to the perpetrators of the crime. A month later, a café in Copenhagen, Denmark was attacked, where a talk on the notion of free speech was being conducted but no twitter handle trended this time nor was there a visible continuation of the rage and defiance that was seen after the Charlie Hebdo incident. These incidents have brought some question up for debate in the public sphere, Question like:

  • What is my notion of freedom of speech?
  • Do I feel free to express my opinion? If no, then what or who is stopping me from expressing it?
  • Is following a twitter handle like #jesuischarlie enough to Dexpress support for my most basic fundemental human right?
  • Does my freedom end where the another person's nose begin?
  • Does my race, ethnicity, status, or accent in any way obstruct me from voicing my views?

Freedom of speech is the first victim of tyranny of any sort, and the local chapter Human Rights and International Solidarity committee, invites you present your views in an open house discussion on the notion of free speech at the local, national as well as international level. 

All are invited. Tea, Coffee and light refreshment will be provided.

Event hosted by:

Rajnish Dhawan

Martin Kelly (Coordinator Student Life)

Student Summit Series

‌Participants will engage in a variety of hands-on and interactive workshops and activities to strengthen their leadership skills. This conference will have a focus on students involved with a club and/or association on campus, however ALL UFV students are encouraged and welcome to attend. Be ready to self-reflect, work with your peers and of course have fun as we learn new skills, network with others, build personal leadership and add a greater value to UFV student organizations!

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