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Educational Enhancement Fund

The Student Educational Enhancement Fund (SEEF) was established to support student learning and development outside of the classroom, directly related to a student’s program of study and educational goals. This award fund is intended to support co-curricular activities of current students (activities that do not result in academic credit). Normally, the following types of expenses will be funded: 

- Travel including flights and hotels
- Registration including conference, workshops, memberships and professional development.
- Materials including research supplies and presentation supplies.

Please be aware that we will only reimburse/fund for expenses explicitly approved in the application. The EEF  is not intended to be used for tuition, books, student fees, or other costs related directly to academic course work. Students are limited to a maximum award of $500 per academic year. Approval is subject to availability of funding each semester and volume of requests received.

"EFF is a great resource that UFV offers for students to enhance their leadership skills! The funding helped me register and fly to a leadership conference out of province and acquire certain management skills that I could bring back for the well-being of UFV Residence!" - Anish Bahri, EEF recipient 2013

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Essential elements for approval

  • Submit application for approval prior to attendence of activity.

  • Applicant must be a current student, or enrolled in courses at UFV for the upcoming semester. If a student finished their coursework in April, they are eligible for funding until they convocate (graduate) in June.
  • The Education Enhancement Fund application‌ form must accompany a minimum 200 word proposal explaining the nature of the event and how it is related to the student’s educational goals. (Please refer to the UFV Proposal Guidelines for Educational Enhancement Funding noted below.)

  • A letter of support from a faculty member.

  • Other supporting documentation related to the activity (conference brochures, websites, etc.) will be helpful in the adjudication process.

  • Submission of a short written report is required following the activity, outlining how the learning outcomes were met (these reports are forwarded to UFV Senior Administration &/or the UFV Board of Governors).

Members of student clubs or associations

Students who will be attending an activity as part of a club or association are each required to submit his/her own EEF application package. Please provide details on expenses that will be shared. This information will be considered in the adjudication process of your application.

UFV Proposal guidelines for educational enhancement funding

  • Only word-processed proposals will be accepted (minimum 200 words).

  • The proposal should address how the activity contributes to the students' educational goals. Proposals that can clearly show a link between UFV's Institutional Learning Outcomes and the proposed activity will be given priority.

  • The proposal should clearly indicate the dollar amount being requested with a breakdown of types of expenses. If support is being solicited from more than one department at UFV, that information should be included.

  • Proposals that do not include a basic budget, which outlines projected revenues, donations or requested donations and anticipated expenditures, will not be considered.

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For other types of financial assistance, students can contact Financial Aid and Awards.


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