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‌The product of a partnership between the Student Union Society (SUS) and UFV, the Campus Connector supports student engagement, success, and community through increased accessibility to classes, events, and opportunities at UFV's Chilliwack and Abbotsford campuses. Four 20-passenger shuttle buses run simultaneously between the campuses on a pre-set schedule. A fifth bus runs from Langley to Abbotsford campus. Shuttle seating is on a first come-first served basis.

There is no additional fee to ride the shuttle; however, student riders are required to show their valid student identification. Students should visit the Student Union Society office (Abbotsford room SUB1109, Chilliwack room CEPA1422) to ensure their ID card is encoded/has a U-Pass sticker required for shuttle use. UFV employees may also ride the shuttle; however, student riders will have first priority for boarding.

Both UFV and SUS are committed to ensuring that its services and operations are accessible to all its students. Students and staff who need mobility or other disability-related assistance are welcome to use the UFV shuttle bus. Our fully trained drivers can provide assistance with loading and un-loading from buses as well as stowage and retrieval of mobility devices.

Shuttle bus schedules and station locations can be found on the Student Union Society website.

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Problems with the shuttle?

If a shuttle is late or does not arrive at the scheduled time, please call or text Sunny at (604) 626-5858 to report the issue.

Shuttle reservations

In order to guarantee space being available on the shuttle for riders requiring assistance or individuals with mobility devices, these riders are asked to book ahead so we can make your trip between our campuses as comfortable and efficient as possible. Students and staff with mobility issues can book a single trip, or for the entire semester, by sending a request by email with the student's name, ID number, and the specific date(s), times and shuttle routes for the request.

Another option available for intercampus travel is through UFV Rideshare. For more information please visit

Lost and found

Any personal items found on the shuttle will be available for pick up at the Abbotsford Lost and Found, located in Security Office B120a.

Shuttle bus on Twitter

For the most up to date information on the Campus Connector, please follow @UFVShuttle.


For any general inquiries or concerns, please send an email.



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