The intent of Field Education at the Master of Social Work level is to:

  1. Assist students in developing advanced social work practice skills;
  2. Facilitate students to become familiar with new practice environments;
  3. Encourage students in advanced critical thinking about service delivery and practice issues;
  4. Provide an opportunity for students to seek leadership opportunities and develop advanced skills to link social work concepts, values and theory with practice.

The Field Placement is one of the most crucial aspects of a social work student's learning experience.   Social Work Field Education in the MSW program provides students with an opportunity to develop advanced social work practice skills within an agency or community setting that will enhance the student’s current knowledge and skills. It involves students being placed in an Agency or Organization where they are supervised and engaged in learning activities that help them to develop a framework within which to begin to critically reflect on their own practice and develop advanced competencies in the professional Social Work role.

We strive to have a variety of placements available to our students.  We attempt to match the student‘s interests and learning needs with a suitable field placement opportunity.  Each field placement setting will have unique learning opportunities for students, which may include individual, group, community development and social planning/policy work. 

Start and End Dates

MSW field placements will begin in the first week of the term that SOWK730 is offered.  It is designed as a concurrent model where students are in the field placement for 2 days per week for a total of 450 hours.  Students are required to be in the field placement for a minimum of 21 weeks to a maximum of 28 weeks.  There is some flexibility for students to complete longer days or increase the number of days per week as long as the minimum requirements of 21 weeks are met.  Students have until the end of the 28th week to complete all of the requirements for the field placement and the online seminar course. The hours of the field placement are flexible pending the parameters outlined by the agency.  Typically, students are in placement 7 hours per day. 

Integrative Seminars

Students are enrolled in an online seminar as part of their field placement.  The seminar requires two face to face on campus meetings. Students are expected to post bi-weekly on specific topics using a critical reflection model and incorporating learning from their field placement. Students are also required to complete additional assignments.


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