BEd Elementary/Middle School option

Undergraduate courses which are part of the admission requirements:

EDUC 200 Educational Psychology
EDUC 300 Introduction to Best Practices in Teaching and Learning

Semester 1  September to December (20.5 credits)

EDUC 410 Schooling in a Diverse Society
EDUC 420 Designs for Learning Elementary Language Arts
EDUC 422 Designs for Learning Elementary Fine Arts
EDUC 424 Designs for Learning Elementary Mathematics
EDUC 425 Designs for Learning Elementary Physical Education
EDUC 444 Classroom Management Strategies
EDUC 445 Planning and Assessment
EDUC 490 School Experience 
EDUC 495A Application of Reflective Practice 

Semester 2  January to April (24.5 credits)

EDUC 412 Introduction to Developmental and Special Learning Needs
EDUC 421 Designs for Learning Elementary Social Studies
EDUC 423 Designs for Learning Elementary Science
EDUC 448 Conflict Resolution in Schools
EDUC 452 Unit Planning, Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting
EDUC 453 Literacy Across the Curriculum
EDUC 454 Mental Health and Special Learning Needs in Schools
EDUC 492 Integration of Knowledge and Practice
EDUC 495B Applications of Reflective Practice 

Semester 3  May to June (10.0 credits)

EDUC 442 Introduction of Classroom Research
EDUC 446 Information Technology in Teaching
EDUC 447 Indigenous Youth and Schooling
EDUC 450 Second Language Learning in Classroom Practice
EDUC 460 Governance and Reform in Public Education
EDUC 495C/D Applications of Reflective Practice 

Professional development for K-12 teachers

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