Program Options

UFV Theatre offers a number of program options designed to meet the various goals and interests of students. You can pursue a two-year Theatre Diploma, a two-year Associate of Arts degree with a Theatre option, a Bachelor of Arts degree with a minor or extended minor in Theatre, or even an extended studies certificate. You can also take some theatre courses individually. A brief overview of our three main program options follows.

Theatre Diploma

The two-year Theatre diploma combines academic instruction with hands-on participation in professionally directed UFV theatre productions. This program is for students with a serious interest in theatre who want to pursue a career in the performing arts, transfer to a university fine arts program, or continue into the UFV BA program.

Program of Study

The following provides a brief overview of the program. For the full details, please consult our Theatre Diploma page, or see the UFV Calendar description.

First Year/Semester I

  • THEA 101    Introduction to Theatre I
  • THEA 111    Acting I
  • THEA 121    Introduction to Technical Theatre I
  • ENGL 105    Academic Writing
  • One elective from either Social Science, Science, or Arts

First Year/Semester II

  • THEA 201    History of Theatre: 19th Century to the Present OR
  • THEA 202    History of Theatre: Antiquity to the 18th Century
  • THEA 112    Acting II
  • THEA 123    Introduction to Technical Theatre II
  • ENGL 130    Introduction to Modern Drama
  • One elective from either Social Science, Science, or Arts

Second Year/Semster III

  • THEA 211    Acting III
  • THEA 199    Practicum I
  • Three electives from either Social Science, Science, or Arts

Second Year/Semester IV

  • THEA 212    Acting IV
  • THEA 299    Practicum II
  • Three electives from either Social Science, Science, or Arts

Please note: you are not required to take your courses in the order listed above. However, since several first-year courses are prerequisites for second-year courses, you need to plan carefully to ensure a timely progression through the program.



Associate of Arts degree: Theatre option

The Associate of Arts degree is a formal two-year credential that serves as an intermediate qualification for students who want to continue into the UFV BA program, transfer to other institutions, or seek employment.

Program of Study

The Associate of Arts:Theatre option requires a minimum of 60 university transfer credits of which 15 must be from UFV. In addition, you must complete one practicum course chosen from Theatre 199 or Theatre 299. The following provides a quick overview of the program of study. For full details, please consult our Associate of Arts: Theatre Option page, or see the UFV Calendar description.

1.     Six credits (two courses) in English: including English 105 plus one additonal 100-level English course (English 130 – Introduction to Modern Drama recommended).

2.     18 credits in 100-level Arts courses other than English, as follows:

o    six credits chosen from the Social Sciences: anthropology, criminology, economics, geography, LAS 110/200, media and communications, political science, psychology, and sociology.

o    six credits chosen from the Creative/Performing Arts, including Theatre 101, and one of Theatre 201 or 202.

o    six elective credits chosen from the Humanities, Social Sciences and/or the Creative/Performing Arts.

3.      18 credits of 200-level Arts in two or more subject areas, to include:

o    Theatre 211, 212, and one English course (English 230 recommended)

o    nine credits of 200-level Arts courses.

4.     Nine credits in Science to include:

o     at least three credits in mathematics or statistics (including PSYC 201 or 202), or computing science, or CIS 100 or CIS 270

o    three credits in a laboratory science

o    three elective science credits.

5.     Nine credits chosen from Theatre 111, Theatre 112, Theatre 121, Theatre 123, Theatre 201 or 202

6.    One course of at least three credits from the program of study above must deal with Canadian content. To determine which courses can be used to fulfil this requirement, you should consult with an Arts advisor or the Theatre department head before completion of the program.




 Bachelor of Arts degree: Extended minor or minor

You can complete a minor or extended minor in theatre as part of a UFV Bachelor of Arts degree program. Usually, you combine a minor or extended minor with another program of study, such as a major in English or History. The Bachelor of Arts degree provides an excellent foundation if you wish to pursue a career in areas such as professional theatre, film, or television, teaching, communications, or public relations.

Program of Study

The following provides a brief overview of the program requirements for the extended minor and the minor. For complete informatian, please consult our Theatre Extended Minor/Minor pages, or see the UFV Calender descriptions for the Extended Minor or Minor

Extended minor
    Lower-level requirements

  • 24 credits of 100/200-level theatre including: 15 credits from THEA 101, THEA 111, THEA 121, THEA 201 or 202, THEA 199 or 299
  • Nine additional credits of 100/200-level theatre

    Upper-level requirements

  • 16 credits of 300/400-level theatre

    Lower-level requirements


  • 15 credits: THEA 101, THEA 111, THEA 121, THEA 199 or 299, THEA 201 or 202

    Upper-level requirements 


  • 16 credits: 12 credits must be from 300/400-level theatre
  • The four remaining credits can be from: Art History 300-level; English 310, 312, 361, 368 ;Theatre 300/400-level; Visual Arts 300-level

Bachelor of Arts: General Requirements

The Bachelor of Arts also has a number of general requirements that must be fulfilled in order to earn the degree. For more information see the UFV Calendar section on the Bachelor of Arts General Requirements.

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