UFV 2009 BFA Graduation Exhibition 

APRIL 17 - MAY 1, 2009

Maple Ridge, BC
As a child growing up in Maple Ridge, my creative interests were constantly encouraged by my mother who is an oil painter. By second grade I was convinced that becoming an artist would be my professional career path. Despite this, I studied art in high school for only one semester. At that time, I was sure that becoming a professional artist would be next to impossible. After high school I attended SFU for a year, but found that I lacked academic direction. However, after a few years in the full time work force, I decided to return to school in hopes of earning my BFA, thus finally allowing myself to study what my heart had always desired. The UFV visual arts program has fostered my creativity by helping me to master foundational art making skills as well as allowing me to pursue my other academic interests such as English Literature and Social, Cultural, and Media studies. As a mixed media artist I enjoy creating work that utilizes a variety of methods such as sculpture, painting, photography, and new media. In the future, I plan to continue my studies by earning a Masters in Fine Art.

UAE, Canada
Raimond has lived most of his life in the United Arab Emirates; his early childhood has always been different being born a Filipino living in a Middle Eastern country, having to learn English and Filipino tongue. One of his early influences was the divide of several cultures and arts of different religions and peoples. Now in Canada his works are now of the transient, the beautiful and imperfections of everyday life. He melds both the surreal and realistic figures of women, mythological creatures and animals. He is currently enrolled in UFV (University of the Fraser Valley) and is finishing his BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) degree.

Abbotsford, BC
I’m originally from Peru, but I’ve been living in Canada for about seven years. The experiences lived in these two different cultures are my source of inspiration, along with my fascination with contemporary urban art. My current artistic process revolves on a journey of self-exploration, while expressing thoughts that reflect my views on culture and identity.

Abbotsford, BC
Anyssa looks to develop multiple concepts within her work as each viewer layers their own history into the work.

Harrison Hot Springs, BC
Colin’s fuel that drives him comes from his surroundings. The areas, land, and life that Colin has been introduced to provide him essentially with all that he thinks and acts upon, whether it is intuitive or composed.
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