The Lens of Empowerment Project 2014-15: women’s citizenship and identity in Stó:lō territory expressed in video-filmmaking

Visual Arts department and Indigenous Affairs Office

This media art project, Lens of Empowerment Project 2014-15: women’s citizenship and identity in Stó:lō territory, was offered in 2011-12 when UFV participated in an international partnership with three other universities, including Loughborough University in the UK.

In creating greater awareness of Stó:lō territory, citizenship and identity, the Lens Project 2014-15 will contribute to a larger vision of reconciliation or Xwla ye toteló:met qas ye slilekwel (towards understanding and harmony). The project consists of five courses and will culminate in community-based screenings of student films. A cohort of about 17 students will work with instructors Stephanie Gould (for Introduction to Video Production and Community Arts Practice), Michelle La Flamme (for Introduction to Storytelling) and Wenona Victor (for Indigenous Art: Stories and Protocols) during five courses. Shirley Hardman, Senior Advisor on Indigenous Affairs, will collaborate with instructors and act in an advisory capacity throughout the project. 


VA 160 (Introduction to Video Production) Wednesdays, 1-4:50, Abbotsford D204 

IPK 277 (Indigenous Art: Stories and Protocols) Thursdays 10-12:50, CEP A1454 

THEA 250 (Introduction to Storytelling) Thursdays, 2:30-5:20, CEP, A1457 Gathering Place 


VA 161 (Video Production II), time and location TBA 

VA 390 (Community Arts Practice) time and location TBA 

*above listed courses are 3 credits each

Students participating in the project will be required to complete all five courses. This project is open to Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal men and women.

Interested students are encouraged to contact Vicki Bolan, (604-854-4543 or or Elaine Malloway (604-795-2835 or

Read more about the Lens of Empowerment II project


Information Session (everyone welcome):

Abbotsford campus, Wednesday, April 23, 5:30-8 pm, C1420

Chilliwack, Wednesday, April 30th, 5:30-8 pm, the Gathering Place (A1457)

To meet the criteria for the project, and gain permission to register, students must submit a statement explaining why they would like to participate in UFV’s Lens Project. Your statement should answer the question: why do you want to participate in a project focused on women’s citizenship and identity in Stó:lō territory? These statements should be half-1 page (200-400 words) in length. “UFV Lens Project Statement” should appear at the top of your page, in the subject line of your e-mail, and/or on your envelope.

Please submit statements clearly marked with your name and contact information c/o Vicki Bolan, (604-854-4543 or or Elaine Malloway (604-795-2835 or

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