The Winners of the 4th

 Poster Competition pARTicipate



We are pleased to announce the winners of the 4th Biannual Poster Competition pARTicipate organized at the University of the Fraser Valley. The theme of the 2015/2016 contest was “Homelessness.” Its objective was to bring awareness to various causes, data, and consequences concerning homelessness while applying creative thinking, criticality, and empathy. All posters submitted by the students to this edition of pARTicipate were powerful, creative and inspirational. Thank you to everyone who participated – we are glad you accepted the challenge. To view all submitted entries please visit UFV Visual Arts on Flickr

Congratulations to all of our winners!


GRAND PRIZE:  Lydia Rypstra


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FIRST PLACE:  Molly Jones

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SECOND PLACE:  Angelito Jimenez

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THIRD PLACE – EX AEQUO:  Shannon Pahladsingh and Brittany Wiegers


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There are three runner-up contestants:Rachel Eden-Hwang‌, David Evans, Jocelyn Huttema



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 Judge’s comments on the Grand Prize winner:                                                        

-Represents a great content paired with great aesthetics – the idea drives the visual       

-It instantly conveys that an individual’s circumstances are incredibly complex, and that those living on the streets each have their own unique stories and needs.

-The portrayal of the fingerprint illustrates this very effectively 

-The fingerprint also doubles as a maze, symbolizing the many obstacles and barriers individuals face when trying to rise out of homelessness 

-The use of the image is innovative and it grabs us

-Unique graphic approach inspired by life


The organizers would like to recognize and thank the sponsors: Dr. Peter Geller, Vice Provost and Associate Vice-President, Academic (UFV); Dr. Jacqueline Nolte, Dean of Arts - College of Arts (UFV); Brad Whittaker, Director of Research Services and Industry Liaison - Research Office (UFV), Shelley Stefan, Department Head - Visual Arts Department (UFV); Cameron Roy, Director of Ancillary Services (UFV); Paul Horn, the organizer of Stone Soup Initiative in Mission, BC. Your support and commitment helped make our vision reality.

We would like to extend a warm thank you to the Judges: Alexandra Angvinland, UFV Faculty - Communication Design Instructor (Graphic + Digital Design Department); Dr. Elizabeth Dow, UFV Associate Professor (School of Social Work and Human Services); Cherie Enns, UFV Associate Professor in Planning and Development (Geography and the Environment Department); Michael Love, UFV Faculty – Photography Instructor (Visual Arts Department); Paul Horn, the organizer of Stone Soup Initiative in Mission, BC (Bootstrap Consulting); Dr. Aleksandra Idzior, UFV Associate Professor (Visual Arts Department); Ruben Timmerman, UFV student (BA Candidate in Criminal Justice).

Our appreciation goes also to Alexandra Angvinland (Graphic + Digital Design Department) for designing the posters and flyer, to Jennifer Chew (Visual Resources Technician) for helping with the promotion, and to Vicki Bolan (Department Assistant - VA) for her assistance with the project.






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