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Decoda Literacy Solutions supports and expands the work being done by literacy groups and community partners throughout the province over the full range of literacy - from early childhood to family, adult, workplace and emerging literacies.

  Literacy BC Resource Centre
Online Resource Catalogue 
  The Literacy BC online resource catalogue will let you do searches and make requests to borrow.



A useful site from the British Broadcsting Corportion (BBC). The site includes games and exercises for improving math and English skills.

  Adult Basic Education in the Fraser Valley  

This chart summarizes the various programs which are available in British Columbia's Fraser Valley to help a student upgrade academic skills.


ABC Canada


ABC CANADA Literacy Foundation is a national charity committed to promoting literacy to the general public and to the private sector.


This provides easy access to information about conferences and workshops.


Learning Styles


This has information about learning styles plus an interactive learning styles survey.


Misunderstood Minds


This site is a follow-up to a very effective PBS television show which dealt with learning disabilities. It has specific information, examples, and ideas for experiencing and dealing with learning disabilities in different subject areas.  There is an interactive component.


All Kinds
of Minds


This is just one of many websites dealing with abilities and disabilities that can be used by teachers, parents, and students to develop a better understanding of problem areas and different compensation strategies. In the Learning Base, learn more about processes involved in math, reading, writing, and socialization. In the Discussion area, teachers can share successes and activities.


Teaching Perspectives Inventory


This site is about teaching styles. It includes an interactive questionnaire for instructors to help focus on a preferred teaching style ... and how this might have impact on a class.


Multiple Abilities and Intelligences 


This has information about eight different intelligences with ideas on how to work with them. The original focus is on younger students, but many of the principles apply to adults.


Prior Learning Assessment for ABE


This chart presents information for learning outcomes and PLA for Advanced English, Provincial English, Advanced Mathematics, Provincial Mathematics, and Advanced Computers. It is relevant to the province of British Columbia.




This offers clip art, free teaching resources, and personalized classroom materials.


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