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 Dr. Math

You may submit questions to Dr. Math, or you may check the archives of the questions which were already asked by other students. (The answers are also there.)

Practical Money Skills for Life

(This is actually more inclusive than math.) Created by the folks at Visa, this website checks out as a good learning center for all ages. Lessons (look under For Teachers) include Spending Plans (for younger children) up to Living on your Own (for college age students). One of the better sections, for students, is entitled In Trouble and lists the major reasons for financial troubles and some of the warning signs.


Maths4Life is a new project which aims to stimulate a positive approach to teaching and learning in numeracy and maths. The three year project is funded by Skills for Life Strategy Unit (formerly known as the Adult Basic Skills Strategy Unit) at the DfES as part of its Skills for Life Strategy.

Math in Daily Life

Most students question how they will use basic math concepts throughout their lives. This site explains how math impacts daily decision making as it explores math's role in cooking, home decorating, savings and retirement, and more. This online exhibit is inspired by For All Practical Purposes: Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics , a video series in the Annenberg/CPB Multimedia Collection.
Grade Level: High School, College, Adult/Professional

Gallery of Interactive Geometry

Most of the programs presented here were written using the library W3Kit library developed at the Geometry Center. This is an object-oriented toolkit for building interactive World-Wide Web applications.


Basic Geometry Applets

Using these interactive applets, you can explore similar triangles, Pythagorean theorem and right triangles and more.

Digital Dozen

Every month thirteen math and science sites are highlighted.

Fun Math Lessons

Creative fun lessons. Skip right to the bottom of the page to easily find out which lessons are best to use with your students. By placing your cursor over the links listed at the bottom of the page, find out the grade level and a short description of the lesson.


Eisenhower National Clearinghouse (ENC) has an extensive data base of information about math; providing resources and support for math educators needed to help raise student achievement in this vital subject. ENC is no longer funded by the U.S. Department of Education; goENC offers the resources and can be accessed by subscription.

Foundation Skills Assessment

This is a link to the Government of BC site which tells about the regular skills assessment tests in math, reading comprehension, and writing which take place in the BC school system.

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