Science Links


Discovery Channel Online

This has interactive activities and is connected with the popular television show.

Do You Know About Anatomy?

In a choice of languages, this site has interactive activities for various systems.

Electronic Zoo

This award winning site was created by a veterinarian.

Virtual Frog Disection Kit

Biology up close. This shows a virtual Frog Disection Kit. It presents a clinical, close-up view of a frog's insides. :-)

The Physics Zone

For those that get it when they see a simulation, or when they are able to play a tutorial over and over, this site will be a valuable aid. Lessons, review materials, and solutions to workbooks created by this company. But, this website is open to all, so take advantage of the materials online.

Bill Nye the Science Guy

Science and math activities are treated in a light but informative manner. There is a good section on "kitchen science".

UBC Botanical Garden

A forum is available for discussion about gardening issues

Hedge Rows Garden Tapestry

This is an evolving site about gardening 

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