Pedagogical Philosophy

In the Writing Centre, we envision writing as integral to the learning students experience throughout the course of their studies. We believe that learning to write well for academic communities is a lengthy, complex process; thus, we focus on the writer as well as the writing. Our interest is in helping students to learn about the expectations of academic readers, and to connect the conventions associated with various types of texts to the knowledge making practices of disciplines. The Writing Centre welcomes the participation of faculty, staff and interested students in our ongoing discussions about the writing practices of professional academic writers, and the best pedagogical approaches to integrating writing into courses. A critical awareness of the sociality of language, informed by current research, is the key to our philosophy and our practice—as well, we believe, to the informed citizenship and professional demeanour students will take with them into their lives and careers.

Our goal is to work with students so that they can improve their writing, but we will neither guarantee a good mark (nor, in fact, comment on the grade a paper may receive), nor proofread or edit students' writing for them. We teach students strategies for drafting, revising, editing, and proofreading their own writing - these skills can then become their own.

UFV Writing Centre to expand into Academic Success Centre

As of Fall 2015, the new Academic Success Centre will expand support to students across all disciplines, while also delivering writing support.

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