Abbotsford News Annual Writing Prize Winners 2008-2009

Thank you to Abbotsford News for their generous sponsorship and to those who acted as judges for this year’s competition. Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding achievement:

Pre-College Literary Analysis

Tracy McQueen
“Effects of Choice”
Course: Eng. 091
Instructor: Anna Wauthy

Lower Level Critical Analysis

David Lucas
“Chemical Castration of Sex Offenders: A Philosophical Analysis”
Course: Phil. 230
Instructor: Moira Kloster

Lower Level Research

Tyler Klassen
“The Haymarket Riot and the American Press”
Course: Hist. 242
Instructor: Sylvie Murray

Lower Level Literary Analysis

Krista Paquin
“Children of the Divide” Physical and Psychological Partition Trauma on Children in Cracking India and ‘Pali’”
Course: Eng. 245
Instructor: Summer Pervez 
Upper Level Applied Research

Katie de Rooy

“‘Yeongeo Yeolpung’ – English Fever: An Evaluation of Economic and Ideological Influences on National Language Integrity”
Course: Eng. 370
Instructor: Nadeane Trowse

Upper Level Literary Analysis

Joddi Alden

“The Dream: An Examination of Black Identity within Harlem Duet”
Course: Eng. 368
Instructor: Virginia Cooke

Creative Critical Analysis

John Kemp

“Sentimentalism and Sophistry: A Real Sham…The Arts Club production of Tom Stoppard’s The Real Thing: A response and review in four parts”
Course: Eng. 130 
Instructor: Virginia Cooke

Upper Level Policy Analysis

Kristy Fornwald

“Canadian Refugee Policy”
Course: Sowk 320
Instructor: Adrienne Chan

Upper Level Research in Science

Eric Gerbrandt
“Why Peahens Mate with Peacocks and Why Ugly Birds Lek with Them”
Course: Bio. 416 
Instructor: Barbara Moon

Learning Reflection

Jessica Gilbert
“Management of Innovation Examen Paper”
Course: Bus. 430
Instructor: Lachlan Whatley

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