Abbotsford News Annual Writing Prize Winners 2007-2008

Thank you to Abbotsford News for their generous sponsorship and to those who acted as judges for this year’s competition. Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding achievement:

1st Year Analysis

Rachel Krueger
“Philosophy 100: Final Report”
Course: PHIL 100
Instructor: Moira Kloster

1st Year Research

Chris Field
Course: LIBT 110
Instructor: Corinne McConchie

1st Year Literary Analysis

Jordan Forsyth
“Wallace Stevens’ Lyrical Imagination”
Course: ENGL 150
Instructor: Tim Herron

3rd Year Literary Analysis (tie between 2 papers written by the same author)

H. Kim Morden
“Yanking Your Audience: An Analysis of the Use of Metatheatrical, Aleatoric and Recursive Devices in Daniel MacIvor’s Plays”
Course: ENGL 361
Instructor: Virginia Cooke

“A Disordered World: An Analysis of Personality Disorders in Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus” Course: ENGL 312
Instructor: Lisa Storozynsky

Primary Research and Analysis (tie)

Ruth Douglas
“Cattle Lameness on Our Farm: Investigation, Analysis, and Results”
Course: CMNS 251
Instructor: Paul Burkhart

Mary-Anna Turner

“Interaction and Participation in a Mother-Child Conversation”
Course: LING 212
Instructor: Rhonda Schuller

Critical Review (tie)

Bobby Ilapogu
“End User Training and Support Help Desk Project: Option 1 Analysis Review of a Help Desk Web Site”
Course: CIS 285
Instructor: Patrick O’Brien

Linda Drake
“‘Trudeau’s Other Children’: A Musical Motif on Multiculturalism”
Course: SCMS 334
Instructor: Eric Spalding

3rd Year Research (tie)

Ron Hughes
“Love and Fear in the American Civil Rights Struggle Nonviolence, Black Power, and Federal Force
Course: HIST 370
Instructor: Sylvie Murray

Selina van Herk
“Ethanol: Efficient and Ethical?”
Course: GEOG 399
Instructor: Linda Sheehan


Nadia Oleksuik
Le regard dans Huis Clos de Jean-Paul Sartre
Course: Francais 315
Instructor: Ghizlane Laghzaoui

Learning Reflections (tie)

Ryan Evans
“Innovation for All, By All”
Course: BUS 430
Instructor: Lachlan Whatley

Taylor Shaw
“A New Lens on Leadership”
Course: BUS 430
Instructor: Lachlan Whatley

Technical Report/Analysis

Ian Rennie
“Tech Report #2”
Course: MATH 112
Instructor: Greg Schlitt

Group Project

EDUC 443 class
Echoed Memories: an anthology of writing by the students in the Teacher Education Program UCFV 2007-2008
Course: EDUC 443
Instructor: Renee Norman

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