Writing Prize Competition Winners 2005/2006

Thank you to those who acted as judges for this year’s competition and to MetroValley News for its continued sponsorship. The competition attracted 61 submissions from various disciplines, and the judges noted the difficulty in choosing a single winner in each category.

Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding achievement:

Pre-university Writing
Winner: Carroll Vermeer
“Murder in Prime Numbers”
Course: ENGL 091
Instructor: Vicki Grieve

Lower Level Research

Winner: Lisa Morry
“Blogs are Big News: Transforming Mainstream Media”
Course: LIBT 110
Instructor: Corinne McConchie

Lower Level Critical Analysis
Winner: Warren Davis
“Jubilee Park as a Microcosm of Abbotsford"
Course: GEOG 140
Instructor: Michelle Rhodes

Lower Level Research: Analysis of a Social Problem
Winner: Raema-Jean Schneider
“The Dignity of Work and Retirement”
Course" CMNS 250
Instructor: Paul Burkhart

Lower Level Argument
Winner: Shannon Gibson
“A Life Apart: The Isolating Experience of Modernity”
Course: ENGL 207
Instructor: Jim Andersen

Writing in French
Winner: Jo-Ann Sleiman
Course: FREN 319
Instructor: Betty-Joan Traverse

Upper Level Research: Applied

Winner: Darcy Stoneadge
“Framing Inaction: A Post-modern Feminist Critique of A Framework for Action
Course: SSWK 493
Instructor: Georgina Marsom

Upper Level Research: Critical Analysis
Winner: Megan Sweeney
“The Evolution of the Seahorse”
 Course: BIOL 416
Instructor: Barbara Moon

Upper Level Research: Analytical Reports/Case Analysis
Winner: Janis Lof
“Pathological Gambling: Creating Treatments and Interventions by Understanding the Pathological Gambler”
Course: Directed Studies CRIM 411
Instructor: Wendy Taylor

Upper Level Critical Analysis: Primary Sources

Winner: Shannon Gibson
“Lasting Images: Nursing and Domesticity in World War I”
Course: HIST 310
Instructor: Alisa Webb


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