Writing Prize Competition Winners 2006-2007

Introductory Level Critical Analysis of Primary Texts

Josh Giesbrecht
“The Voice of ‘We’”
Course: English 120
Instructor: Tim Haner

Introductory Level Critical Analysis of Primary Texts using Secondary Sources

Josh Giesbrecht
“The Revenant of Hogan’s Alley”
Course: English 150
Instructor: Graeme Abernethy

Introductory Level Critical Reflection

Trina Forrest
“Toilet Paper”
Course: Philosophy 220
Instructor: Moira Kloster

Introductory Level Research: Analysis using Secondary Sources

Tania Faessler
“Deep Sea Treasures”
Course: Biology 111
Instructor: Ron Wilen

Introductory Level Research: Analysis of a Concept (Tie)

Christina Henderson

Course: Social Work 110 online
Instructor: Curtis Magnuson

Pierre Groenenboom

“The School of ‘Hard Knocks’”
Course: English 105 online
Instructor: Susan Fisher

Advanced Level Cultural Analysis

Megan Arundel

“Dancing the Mask: Transformation of Identity in Kwakwaka’wakw Mythology and Culture”
Course: Anthropology 469
Instructor: Douglas Hudson

Advanced Level Research Reports

Joelle Siemens
“Environmental Management for Small and Medium Businesses in British Columbia”
Course: Criminology 450
Instructor: Wendy Taylor

Advanced Level History Writing

Kristy Vallely

“Fabricating Historical Simulacra: Canadian Bishops’ Statement on the Encyclical ‘Humanae Vitae’
Course: History 396c
Instructor: Bruce Hiebert

Advanced Level Literary Analysis (Tie)

Sarah Anderson

“’I will speak to him like a saucy lackey, and / under that habit play the knave with him’: The Empowerment of Women in Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, As you Like It, and Measure for Measure
Course: English 312
Instructor: Virginia Cooke

Kimberly Standeven

“Players in the Game of Courtship: The Portrayal of Courtship and Marriage in The Changeling and The Rover
Course: English 310
Instructor: Lisa Storozynsky

Advanced Level Science Writing (Co-authors)

Van Dinh and Sandeep Saran

“Investigation of hsp70 Gene Expression in the Hemolymph and Fat Body of Tenebrio molitor Larvae Using Western Blotting”
Course: Cell Biology 202
Instructor: Anthony Stea


Selina Poortvliet

“Les Paysages”
Course: Français 219
Instructor: Betty-Joan Traverse

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