UFV Writing Prize Competition Winners 2010-2011



Pre-University Description/Analysis

Dan Szezepaniak

"Cold Turkey"

English 071

Instructor:  Beverly Jones Redekop


Pre-university and Lower Level Literary and Film Analysis (tie)

Gabriel Kirkley

“Torvald and Nora Helmer: In Search of a True Marriage”

English 130

Instructor:  Virginia Cooke


Reg Martens

“The Death of Paul”

English 091

Instructor:  Anna Wauthy


Lower Level Analytical Reports

Karuna Khera

Marius Van der Wall

Sean Robertson

Eric Bateman

"Architectonics Inc"

Math 111

Instructor:  Susan Milner


Lower Division Research (tie)

Lee Brekstad

"Investing in Your Mind: Psychological Benefits of University Education"

English 105

Instructor:  Susan Fisher


Courtney Brooks

"Harm Reduction and the Supervised Injection Site: Band-Aid for a Bullet Wound"

English 105

Instructor:  Gloria Borrows


Upper Division Theory Analysis

Steven Olsen

"The Instrumental Value of Fictionalism: Issues and Implications"

Philosophy 322

Instructor:  Peter Raabe


Upper Division Situated Research in the Social Sciences

Rebekah Makepeace

"Changing Diaspora Formations in 4 /4 Time"

Anthropology/English 367

Instructor:  Nicola Mooney


Upper Division Research in History

Nick Ubels

"Slaves to the State: The Troubled History of Felony Disenfranchisement and Other Barriers to Reclaiming Citizenship for Ex-Offenders in the United States"

History 456

Instructor:  Sylvie Murray


Upper Division Literature in Context

Sara Knights

“Search for Origin and the Landscape in Five of Seamus Heaney’s Poems”

English 341

Instructor:  Virginia Cooke


Upper Division Research in Business

Courtenay Landsiedel

"Wind Energy Innovation :Public Resistance to Implementation"

Business 430

Instructor:  Joe Ilsever


Upper Division Composition Studies/Discourse Analysis

Dustin Gallant

“The Image of Dorian’s Gaze: The Aesthetic Rhetoric of Oscar Wilde”

English 376

Instructor:  Nadeane Trowse


English Honours Theses

Jennifer Colbourne

"Sex, Stein, and the Poetics of Normalcy :A Study of Sexuality in the Works of Gertrude Stein"

English 492

Instructor:  Miriam Nichols


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