University Foundation certificate program (UFP)

The University Foundation certificate is an intensive program designed to help students make the transition from English Language Studies (ELS) to full-time university-level programs. Students take core ELS courses and university-level academic courses at the same time. When you successfully complete the University Foundation certificate, you meet the English requirement for full-time academic study at UFV.

The University Foundation certificate program has two levels. Students are expected to maintain a 2.33 grade point average and complete the required ELS core courses at each level with a C+ or higher in ELS EAP084.

The number of university-level courses you can choose is based on your UFP level and grade point average (GPA).

UFP Level   
Core required courses
Level 1 ELS EAP74 Writing and Grammar Advanced II   
ELS R70 Reading Advanced II
Level 2 ELS EA84 Writing and Grammar Bridge
CSM 104 Integrated Academic Learning Skills

See the UFV academic calendar for complete details.

English proficiency requirements

Evidence of English proficiency is required for admission to the University Foundation program and university-level academic courses.

Here are admission requirements for international students.

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