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Centre for Accessibility Services


Figuring out how you will pay for education is vital for all students. The process can be confusing due to the large number of programs available for students diagnosed with a disability. The Centre for Accessibility Services helps by providing information regarding funding options and procedures for applying.

Knowing which funding programs are best for you depends on your financial and educational needs. Students should make an appointment with an Advisor to discuss their needs for the academic year. You can also consult the StudentAid BC website at

If you have any questions concerning funding programs available, please contact us or UFV Financial Aid and Awards.


Scholarships are often overlooked as a method of assistance for students with disabilities. There are numerous scholarships available with a wide-range of criterion for applying. Some excellent websites that provide valuable listings of scholarships are:


Lisa Huus Bursary 2020

Lisa Huus Bursary

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