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Find your registration time
Register for your courses
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How to register
1) Plan your course schedule
  Review program requirements
Consult the online UFV Calendar. See Program Index for program outlines, and Course Descriptions for details.
Need help? Book an appointment with an Academic Advisor for expert advice on course selection.
  Plan a conflict-free schedule
Review the Timetable.
Check for class sizes and availability of seats using the Interactive Course Finder.
Prepare a timetable, with several course alternatives, using a Timetable Worksheet. 
Choose sections that are not scheduled at the same time, and allow sufficient travel time if classes are on different campuses.
Be sure you have met the prerequisites for all your courses. You will be able to register if you have the prerequisite course in progress at UFV. If you plan to seek instructor’s permission to waive prerequisites, do so before you register. Obtaining a waiver does not register you in a course.
2) Find your registration time

Registration starts mid-June for the Fall semester, mid-November for the Winter semester, and mid-March for the Summer semester.

Registration times are scheduled on week days during office hours. Registration times are not assigned on evenings, weekends, or statutory holidays.

Find your registration time

See Important Registration Dates to find out when registration times will be available for the upcoming semester. On or after this date, you may find your registration time through myUFV account.

Make the following selections:

»Student Information
»Check your registration time and eligibility.

Continuing students are assigned a registration time if:
» they are currently enrolled, or
» they have completed UFV credit courses within the year and are eligible to continue in the same program. 

Students who have been absent more than one year, or have applied but did not register must reapply.

Register as soon as possible after your registration time so you do not miss out on reserved seats that might be available to you.

Registration order

Students are assigned a registration time based on the number of credits they have achieved with students new to UFV going first. For more information on appointment times please see here

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3) Register for your courses  


Pay your $200 Registration Deposit Prior to Registration

The $200 registration deposit must be in your student account to register. Check your Account Summary by Term folder to ensure your $200 registration deposit is showing before you start to register. If the deposit is not on your account and you attempt to register, a hold will be placed on your account. The hold will be lifted when the $200 credit is on your account and you access your Registration area again.

How can I pay the deposit?

Note: An online banking payment may take 72 hours to show in your student account.

Register for Classes

Register through myUFV from any location with internet access. Computers are available for your use outside the registration offices on Abbotsford, Mission and Chilliwack campuses.

Note: Students are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of their registrations and for meeting the stated prerequisites and corequisites of a given course or program.

Access myUFV using your student ID number and password. Check out the myUFV Frequently Asked Questions if you need help.

International students should review their fee payment policies here.
Continuing Studies
students should refer here for their specific policies.


Make the following selections:

»Student Information
»Select Register, Add, Drop, or Withdraw from Classes

Enter the CRN's in the boxes, or click on Look Up Classes
Be careful. When you click on Register or Submit Changes the system will complete the transaction unless there are errors. All web transactions affect your UFV registration record and fees.
Need help? Call or drop by the Office of the Registrar during office hours.
If the section you want is full, choose an alternate course or a section offered at a different time or campus, or put your name on a waitlist. When you waitlist through the web, be sure to click on Submit

Check your Student Schedule after every course transaction (e.g., course add, course or section change, waitlisted course, or withdrawal) to confirm the transaction. Check room numbers on your Student Schedule just before classes begin.

Check the UFV Online FAQ for more information about Online courses

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4) Attend your first day of class

You must attend the first meeting of the class for the semester, or notify the instructor in advance if you are unable to attend. If you do not, the instructor may withdraw you from the class. (View instructor contact information.)

Deadline to login to online courses is by noon on the second day of the semester. If you have not logged in by the posted deadline you may be withdrawn by your instructor.

The instructor is entitled (but not obligated) to withdraw you if you miss the first class. If you are withdrawn for non-attendance at the first class, you will be charged 10% of the tuition fees as a penalty.  Please note: It is your responsibility to withdraw yourself from a course if you decide not to take it, not the instructor’s. If you do not attend the class and do not withdraw yourself completely, you will remain responsible to pay full fees for it and will be given a fail (F) grade.

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How to register after classes begin

Check the semester timetable for the day and time the class meets. Attendance on the first day is mandatory for students already registered. Attendance is also mandatory in many cases for those who want to join the class once it has begun. If the section you want has a waitlist, access online registration through your myUFV account and add yourself to the waitlist. You will not be granted a seat by the instructor without being on the waitlist.

First Week of Classes:

Online registration will remain open for the first week of the term.

Sections with space, no waitlist - students may register online.

Sections full, with a waitlist - add yourself to the waitlist and attend the first class. If you are granted late registration permission by the instructor, proceed with online registration. Only waitlisted students will be considered for late registration permission.

After First Week of Classes:

Online registration ends on the last day of the first week. Instructor's late registration permission is required in order to register.

Request this permission from the instructor. Instructors enter this permission (Late registration permission) online. Students will receive a notification in their myUFV email account when permission is entered. Register online within three days after the date of issue. If you do not register within the three day period, the permission will expire.

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Registering late? Watch this tutorial video.

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

Need more help? Call or drop by the Office of the Registrar during office hours.

On a waitlist for a course?

You cannot register and waitlist for the same class. If you do so you will be removed from the waitlisted section within 24 hours.

To obtain a seat through the waitlist before classes start...

Check your myUFV email every day. If you are waitlisted for a course and a seat is available to you, you will receive an email with a deadline to register. You should then register promptly. If you do not register by the deadline, you will be removed from the waitlist.

Please note: If you are offered a seat in a lecture, you will be required to register for a lab at the same time. Ensure there is space in a lab which fits your schedule.

To obtain a seat through the waitlist once classes begin...

Waitlisted students must attend the first class to be considered for a seat. If there are seat vacancies, the instructor will offer them to qualified students who attend the first class in the order of the waitlist.

If the instructor has space for you, he or she will enter the "Late reg Instructor perm" electronically and you will receive an email in your myUFV email account. Register within three business days or the offer will expire.

Please note: If you are currently on the waitlist:

1. Drop the waitlist using drop down arrow

2. Submit

3. Re-enter CRN in the Add CRN area

4. Submit

See "How to register" for more information.

Waitlisted for an online course?

If you are waitlisted for an online course, contact the instructor on or before the first day of classes for that semester using your UFV student email account to inquire if there will be a seat available for you in that section.


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Course Audit policy

You can register or change your registration to audit status anytime after the first week of classes and the last day to add courses without department head's permission, which is when 30% of the course is complete. (See exact date in Important Registration Dates for the semester). After that date, audit requests are not accepted.

It is your instructor’s discretion to accept or refuse a request for audit, as it is not automatic. If approved, your instructor or designate should submit Audit permission through their Faculty web account, you can then register as an audit at any Office of the Registrar, Enrolment Services office. Full fees are required to audit a course.

If you are not granted permission to audit, you can choose to continue, or you may withdraw prior to completion of 60% of the course (fees are applicable).

An audit grade is not included in the calculation for your grade point average, but it is reported on your official transcript. A course being audited can not be used as a co- or prerequisite for another course.

It is recommended that you and your instructor agree (preferably in writing) to the expectations for a successful auditing of the course. If you do not meet the expectations set, your instructor will submit a grade of AN that will appear on your transcript.

Click here for more information on the course audit policy.


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