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The following timetables include changes made since publication.

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 Fall 2018 timetable

Nursing (Health Sciences)

CEP Campus Only

  View a list of changes to the Fall 2018 timetable.

Summer 2018 timetable

Nursing (Health Sciences)

 View a list of changes to the Summer 2018 timetable.

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How to read a timetable

Class times

UFV uses the 24-hour clock to show class times. This means that classes that meet in the afternoon or evening are listed as 1300 (1 pm) to 2200 (10 pm). A class listed as 0830 meets at 8:30 am.

Days of the week

U Sunday   R Thursday
M Monday   F Friday
T Tuesday   S Saturday
W Wednesday      

Section numbers

AB Abbotsford   MI Mission
CH Chilliwack   HO Hope
ON Online Course   IS Independent Study


Courses are offered on various campuses, and buildings are often identified by letters.

The first letters of the building code indicate the campus, and the final character is the building

(e.g., ABA means Abbotsford campus, building A; CEP is Chilliwack campus). 

Code Campus/City Address
AB Abbotsford campus 33844 King Road
CC Clearbrook Centre, Abbotsford 32355 Veterans Way
CEPT Canada Education Park Trades Centre, Chilliwack 5579 Tyson Road
CEP Chilliwack campus 45190 Caen Ave
HO Hope Centre 1250 7th Ave
MI Mission campus 33700 Prentis Avenue
ONLINE Online Course More info...
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