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Bachelor of Arts in Adult Education (BA AE)

If you deliver academic, technical, or vocational knowledge, or provide educational or coaching support to adults, the UFV Bachelor in Adult Education can equip you with a full set of strategies and tools to engage your learners and empower them to reach their full potential.

Workplace Education certificate (WEC)

Build a foundation in adult learning and education principles. The UFV Workplace Education certificate is a one-year, four-course credential that seamlessly ladders into the UFV Bachelor of Arts in Adult Education. All four of your courses are required BA AE courses — as you complete the WEC program, the 4 courses also satisfy the BA AE requirement. 

Teaching English as a Second Language certificate (TESL)

Add a UFV Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) certificate to your bachelor's degree to learn how to teach English to non-native speakers and take advantage of exciting teaching opportunities both at home and abroad.


Since participating in the program, I have incorporated many of the skills and concepts into my everyday work. I feel strongly that my involvement in the program has enhanced my work, and has given me the critical thinking skills needed to develop new programming and further my career.

  • – Garrison Duke
  •    Director of Employment at Abbotsford Community Services

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