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Welcome! Book an appointment with the Academic Advisor for your program from the list in "Current Students" section on the Advising home page. You can email any questions you may have to and an Advisor will respond to you.

Registration for the Fall 2019 semester starts on June 17 and you can check your registration date and time through myUFV. You need to pay a $200 deposit a few days ahead of your registration date. Full information about how to register, course offerings, timetables is available from the Office of the Registrar.



Summer day camps for all kinds of kids
Sporty? Into science? Like fun? Want to try cooking or a trade? We offfer a wide menu of day camps this summer at UFV

UFV Think Fun Summer Camps




We know that starting a new life in Canada can be challenging, especially when getting accustomed to a new language, a new culture, and different laws.

To help you get settled, UFV is offering a series of Immigration workshops at the Abbotsford campus:

Study/Work & Postgraduate Permits 

You will learn all you need to know about study and work permits in order to make the most of your new Canadian life. You can also get your questions answered about the benefits of getting a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP), while you consider whether to continue your studies or apply to work in Canada.

July 18

More dates will be posted soon

Immigration workshops are usually held at UFV International Global Lounge (B223) and occasionally in B 121. Your workshop confirmation and reminder emails always mention the location. 

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For immigration-related questions, please contact  John is a Regulated Immigration Consultant (RCIC). Remember to include your student number and contact details.


Teacher Education Seminars

Are you thinking about a teaching career? If you are in the first, second, or third year of your undergraduate program and you are thinking of entering the Bachelor of Education at UFV, we recommend that you attend one of the Teacher Education information seminars.

  • Find out if a teaching career in elementary, middle, or secondary school is for you
  • Learn about the educational pathways available at UFV
  • Learn about academic requirements and relevant extra-curricular experience
  • Hear about certification requirements in BC
  • Discover career prospects

BEd Secondary School Seminar

Sept 30 - 12 pm-2 pm

Oct 25   - 12 pm-2 pm  

BEd Elementary/Middle School Seminar

Sept 9   - 9 am-11 am

Oct 17   - 2 pm- 4 pm

Nov 18  - 12 pm - 2 pm

BEd Application Seminar

Fall dates TBC (ONLY for 2019 BEd admission cycle applicants who have met all requirements)

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