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Academic Integrity

Understanding misconduct penalties

Understanding Academic Misconduct Penalties

If you have been suspected of academic misconduct, the instructor carries out an investigation and determines the penalty as outlined below. For further details, review section 7 in the Student Academic Misconduct (70) Regulations and Procedures.

Receiving notification

If you are suspected of academic misconduct, you will receive email notification that an investigation is commencing. 

After investigation, if the department head determines the complaint does not have merit, you will be notified that the investigation is complete and that there is no finding of academic misconduct.

Attending a resolution meeting

If the department head determines the investigation has found academic misconduct, you will be invited to attend a resolution meeting, where you have the opportunity to discuss the matter and the proposed penalty. This is documented on a Notice of Disciplinary Action for Academic Misconduct form filled out by the department head. If you do not attend the resolution meeting, the penalty is still applied and the completed Notice will be sent to you by UFV student email and registered mail to your home address.

Dealing with the penalties

The penalties for an academic misconduct are described in section 7 of UFV's Student Academic Misconduct (70) Regulations and Procedures and range from moderate to severe. In determining the severity of the penalty for academic misconduct assigned, the department head or designate takes into consideration any other instances of academic or non-academic misconducts. Possible penalties:

  • Allow re-do of same or modified academic work with or without ≤50% deduction of total mark
  • Written explanation
  • Required Academic Integrity Workshop. The workshop consists of 4 components that can usually be completed within one week:
    • Complete online reading and quiz
    • Meet with a student mentor
    • Write a self-reflection
    • Attend a follow-up meeting 
  • Score of zero on the assignment, exam, online posting, artwork, presentation, paper, project, or submission
  • F or FD (disciplinary fail) grade for the course
  • Placement on academic probation
  • Recommendation to the President for suspension from UFV
  • Recommendation to the President for expulsion from UFV
  • Revocation of an award
  • Revocation of a degree, diploma, certificate, or other academic credential
  • Denial of admission or readmission to the university, and forfeiture of university awards or financial assistance


An academic misconduct also impacts the following areas:


No fees are refunded if you are required to withdraw or lose credit for any class taken, or if you are suspended or dismissed from any class or program as a result of a penalty for academic misconduct.

Course withdrawal

You are not permitted to withdraw from a course to avoid incurring the penalty for academic misconduct.

Transfer credit

If you are under suspension from the university you cannot receive transfer credit for courses taken in that time period at other institutions.

Recording your misconduct

The Notice of Disciplinary Action for Academic Misconduct, which includes your academic misconduct and penalty, is filed and recorded with the Office of the Registrar. However, your academic misconduct is not recorded on your transcript and does not affect your academic standing.

Note: The names of academic misconduct registrants are only released to heads or instructors who are handling a case and checking to see if a previous entry exists for a student. Occasionally we are also asked by senior administration to check on student award recipients or speakers at convocation to ensure they are in good standing.