Request Renewal of your Academic Record

If you are a returning undergraduate student who performed poorly in the past and you wish to eliminate your previous low grade point average (GPA), you may request a renewal of your academic record through the process below.

Before making your request

Before requesting academic renewal, ensure you have done the following:


Determine if you are eligible

You are eligible to request academic renewal, when:

  • you have returned to UFV undergraduate studies after at least three years (36 months) absence from UFV undergraduate studies; and
  • had an undergraduate cumulative GPA (CGPA) below 2.00 at UFV prior to readmission; and
  • have completed at least 15 UFV undergraduate credits applicable to the GPA, with a minimum 2.00 GPA calculated on all undergraduate courses attempted, since readmission.

You are not eligible for academic renewal, if:

  • you have graduated with a credential, except when the credential was developmental level or non-credit and none of the previous undergraduate courses were used to meet graduation requirements.

Consult with an academic advisor

Meet with an academic advisor to come up with a completion plan for your chosen program.


Making your request

If you have determined you are eligible for academic renewal and met with an advisor, you may make your request as follows:


Write a formal letter

Write a formal letter, dated, and addressed to the Appeal Committee. If you are submitting your appeal via email, attach your letter to the email in Microsoft Word format. Your letter must clearly demonstrate how you will be successful if permitted to continue or return to undergraduate studies. Include an explanation of the following:

  • your educational goal
  • a detailed course plan for the upcoming semesters
  • any other information related to your renewed approach to learning

Include supporting documentation

Provide supporting documentation, such as an educational plan created in conjunction with your advisor.


Submit your request

Send your completed documents to or drop off in-person to the Office of the Registrar, at any campus.

If approved, academic renewal excludes all undergraduate UFV courses taken prior to readmission, including passed courses, from the calculation of CGPA and program requirements. Academic renewal will be granted to a student only once.

For full details on academic renewal, refer to the Academic Renewal policy (224) and the Academic Calendar.

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