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Indigenous Studies Curriculum Committee

Indigenous Studies Curriculum Committee (ISCC)

The UFV Indigenous Studies Curriculum Committee is mandated with researching and informing the process of Indigenization, the development of Indigenous Studies curriculum and programming at UFV.

The ISCC is a university wide committee of selected faculty members responsible for maintaining communication between faculties, and faculties and other academic units, to foster, coordinate, evaluate and make recommendations on the constitution and delivery of Indigenous Studies curricula that supports the goals of the university’s Strategic, Education and Strategic Enrolment Plans, and Indigenization initiatives.

The ISCC will advise and report to the Provost and Vice President Academic or Vice Provost and Associate Vice President Academic on matters related to the design and delivery of Indigenous Studies courses or programs at UFV.

Meetings and Reporting

The ISCC will be called to meet by the Chair on an as needed basis, but no less than twice a semester (The position of Chair shall be rotated amongst designated full time Indigenous Studies faculty biennially).

The ISCC will report proceedings and results of its deliberations on an as needed basis to Faculty Councils and Deans’ Caucus.


Terms of reference
Agendas and minutes
ISCC membership


Wenona Hall, PhD

Department Chair/Associate Professor, Indigenous Studies

Indigenous Studies

Chilliwack campus at CEP, A1421

Phone: 604-795-2834

email Wenona


Jennifer Browne

Curriculum and Student Learning Assistant

Abbotsford campus, B315

Phone: 604-504-7441 ext. 4244

email Jennifer

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