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College of Arts

Communication and Promotion Requests

Submit an Arts Communication and Promotion Request

All requests require a minimum of two weeks' lead time, and the breadth of deliverables will be based upon the depth and timeframe for each project.


All event support will be virtual until further notice. If you require an in-person event, refer to the UFV COVID-19 Operations and Guidelines for On-Campus Events, as all in-person events must be reviewed by UFV’s Risk and Safety Office.

When planning your event, please refer to this document: “10 Hints and Tips for Planning a Successful Event.”

*Event Resources are located here: Employee\Groups\ARTS\ARTS_ALL\EVENTS

Communication | Promotion (Internal)

Types of communication/promotional support can include event promotion, social media (*including advertisements), graphics, blog articles, campus labscreens, UFV TVs and Arts e-Newsletter.

*Please note: For video editing support, please contact UFV's Teaching and Learning Centre.

*Social Media Resources are located here: Employee\Groups\ARTS\ARTS_ALL\Social Media Resources

Communication | Promotion (External)

For marketing or communication support that is meant for external audiences, please direct your inquiries to the University Relations team.

*UFV Marketing Materials are located here.

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