College of Arts

Bachelor's Degrees

Bachelor of Arts

Undertake deep learning in an area of interest while gaining valuable, transferable skills needed for success in today’s world.

Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

Gain the necessary research skills, knowledge base, applied skills, and analytical ability needed for advanced career opportunities in criminal justice.

Bachelor of Environmental Studies (New)

Develop the skills and knowledge to pursue a variety of environmental careers in both the private and public sectors.

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Expand your creative and innovative thinking, hone your craft, and gain the needed skills and knowledge to be a successful creative practitioner.

Bachelor of Integrated Studies

Do you want to create your own degree, gain transferable skills, apply your learning, and demonstrate competency in key areas? If so, the BIS is for you.

Bachelor of Arts in Global Development Studies

Do you want to help build a better world? Global development studies can help you meet this goal by providing the skills, interdisciplinary learning, and experience needed to become a developmental professional.

Bachelor of Media Arts

Prepare for creative production in digital media. Technical skills, both in digital media and in traditional artistic practice, are combined with media theory and communication skills to prepare graduates for a rapidly changing work environment.

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