Plagiarizing Panda

Plagiarizing Panda (Paraphrasus Noncitica) is the king of copy and paste. When he isn’t munching on bamboo he can be found failing to cite his sources and forgetting to include a bibliography. It’s usually a black and white case when the copying comes to light. Don’t be a Plagiarizing Panda! Earn your “A” the honest way. 


Cheating Cheetah

Cheating Cheetah loves to collaborate with his pack, even when he knows an assignment must be completed independently. He does everything quickly, including studying, so he’s often unprepared for exams and stoops to writing the formulas on his tail or peeking at his classmate’s answers. He once paid a lemur to write an essay for him, but got caught. This kind of misconduct is easy to spot. Don’t be a Cheating Cheetah! Earn your “A” the honest way!


Impersonating Iguana

Impersonating Iguana is smarter than the average student — and far more shameless. He has discovered that other creatures are willing to pay him to take their tests and complete their assignments in disguise. When unmasked, his scales are no protection from justice. Don’t be an Impersonating Iguana! Earn your grade the honest way.


Improper Access Armadillo

Improper Access Armadillo (Examinus Sneakpeeki) has a really thick skin — and skull. She snuck into the lab and found a copy of an upcoming midterm on her instructor’s computer. She sent it to herself and even shared it with some of her classmates. Like no one’s going to notice — or talk. Don’t be an Improper Access Armadillo! Earn your grade the honest way. 


Falsifying Fox

What does the Falsifying Fox (Vulpus Forgeri) say? “If you can’t earn an A you can alter an F!” Sly and deceptive, she doesn’t think twice about excusing her absences with a fake doctor’s note, tweaking her transcript, or reproducing a reference letter. But there’s nowhere to hide when she gets snared by her own deception.


Resubmitting Raccoon

When it comes to her course work, Resubmitting Raccoon (Projectus Multicreditum) loves to recycle! Whenever she gets the chance she hands in an essay from a previous class. She can’t see the harm. After all, it’s her work, right? She calls it mischievous, but it’s just plain misconduct.


Improper Research Raven

Improper Research Raven (Corvus Datafaykus) came up with a fantastic hypothesis based on some early experiments. But he’s running out of time to collect data and he isn’t getting the results he hoped for so he only includes supporting data and fabricates the rest. And that leaves a big black mark on his transcript.


Obstructing Octopus

No one wants to be in a class with Obstructing Octopus (Occlusio Scholaris). When she isn’t hiding all the reference materials she’s tampering with her peers’ work, ruining their experiments, and trying to manipulate the bell curve — until the one long arm of the law catches up with her.

Earn your grade the honest way! Check our Academic Integrity Matters website for support and strategies.

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