Board of Governors

Justin P. Goodrich

Justin P. Goodrich is the managing partner of Alliance Public Affairs Group, a public affairs consulting firm with offices in Vancouver and Langley. His areas of expertise include public, government, and media relations; strategic communications and stakeholder engagement; and policy development.

Justin began his journey with UFV as a student in 2008. He completed his undergraduate studies in 2012 earning both a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and an Associate Arts in Media & Communications Studies.

Upon graduation, Justin began serving on the UFV Alumni Association Board of Directors, eventually becoming Board Chair. In addition, he served on the UFV Senate as its alumni representative. As a result of his contributions to the UFV Alumni Association, Mr. Goodrich now holds the distinction of Chair Emeritus.

In 2015, the Province of British Columbia appointed Justin to the UFV Board of Governors. In 2017 he was elected Vice-Chair, and then in 2019 he was elected Board Chair. Goodrich is the first person in UFV’s history to have served as chairperson of both the Alumni Association Board of Directors and the UFV Board of Governors.

Since completing his undergraduate studies at UFV, Justin has gone on to earn a Master of Laws in diplomacy and international law (international criminal law) from Lancaster University (UK).

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