Board of Governors

Justin P. Goodrich

Vice-Chair, UFV Board of Governors

‌‌Justin P. Goodrich has been a full-time public affairs practitioner since 2008. From working in community media as a columnist, radio host, and television host to working in professional politics as an advisor, strategist, and legislative communications officer, Justin has become a trusted counsellor to various organizations as well as numerous elected officials. Moreover, he is an accomplished public speaker and has addressed hundreds of audiences throughout Canada, the United States, and internationally.

Academically, Justin is a criminologist and holds a Master of Laws in Diplomacy & International Law with a focus on international criminal law, terrorism, and the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. Prior to earning his master's law degree, Justin obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and an Associate of Arts in Media & Communications Studies, both of which he earned at the University of the Fraser Valley.

In 2015 the Province of British Columbia appointed Justin to the University of the Fraser Valley Board of Governors. Then, in 2017, he was elected to serve as one of its two Vice-Chairs. Furthermore, Justin is a former member of the UFV Senate and holds the distinction of Chairman Emeritus with the UFV Alumni Association.

Though a resident of Vancouver, Justin spent over two-decades living in the Fraser Valley, and he continues to maintain his ties to its communities not only through his involvement with the University of the Fraser Valley but also as a columnist for a regional, bilingual newspaper.

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