E-Book and Access Code Problem Solving

Common Problems When Redeeming:

Problem Solution
Code has already been accessed or redeemed Contact the Publisher, contact information is noted below.
Code does not match the course for which you are registering You may have purchased the wrong code for your class, see below for a solution.
You are asked for the class code or class key This will be provided by your Instructor.  
You have not received an email back from the Publisher  Check your Spam/Junk mailbox or you have entered your email address incorrectly and you must contact the Publisher (see contact information below).
Website will not accept the code you are entering Make sure you are redeeming the code on the proper website.

If you encounter a problem after following the steps listed on our website, please contact the appropriate Publisher listed below and they will be able to assist you. 

Macmillan Step 1: Self Trouble-Shoot: LaunchPad Student User Guide: CLICK HERE
  • Device: use a Laptop or a Desktop computer when submitting assignments
  • Browser: use Chrome or Firefox when submitting assignments
  • Refresh (reload) Chrome or Firefox browser as needed
  • Allow pop-ups on your Chrome or Firefox browser
  • Clear cache and cookies in Chrome CLICK HERE in Firefox CLICK HERE

Step 2: Call tech support: (800) 936.6899 or email tech support via www.community.macmillan.com/login.

Step 3: If after you call Tech Support the issue(s) is unresolved, please email your instructor, with a few details. When you email your instructor, you MUST include the Tech Support TICKET NUMBER in the subject line of your email.

McGraw-Hill Call: 1-800-331-5094

Website: https://mhedu.force.com/CXG/s/ 

Nelson Digital Customer Support For questions about Nelsonbrain, or about any of our digital solutions accessed through Nelsonbrain (including WebAssign and MindTap)


Nelson Phone Support:
Monday through Friday  8:00am to 6:00pm (EST)

Pearson Digital Customer Support 24/7 support for students chat line: http://247pearson.custhelp.com or call 1-800-677-6337
Wiley Customer Support Wiley Customer Service:

Phone: (877) 762-2974

Hours: Monday to Friday, 08:00 - 20:00 (Eastern/New York)


US/Canada (855) 200-4146

If you discover you have purchased the incorrect access code, please contact the Bookstore via email with the following information:

Subject Line:  Access Code Help
Please include the following information in the body of the email:

  • Your first and last name
  • Email address entered for activation
  • Phone number
  • Access code you originally received on UFV Bookstore receipt
  • Item# of the code purchased (located on your receipt) 
  • Date, and Trans# of purchase (located on your receipt)
  • Actual class for which you do need the code


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