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Rogers Mobile Migration

September 2019

The Office of the Chief Information Officer has initiated the migration of our mobile phone provider from our previous carrier to Rogers. The UFV mobility contract with Telus ended in 2018 and
a new agreement has been negotiated and signed with Rogers Mobility. 

In consultation with Senior Administration, ITS has begun working to assess the mobile needs of each area.  Most UFV phone holders are due for a new phone at this time.

UFV Employees located at the CEP and TTC campuses may be selected for the latter phase of migration as Rogers continues to work to improve the coverage in this area.

Rogers Migration Plan:

  1. Directors/Deans/AVPs to confirm the list of individuals within their area that are approved for phones.

  2. Directors/Deans/AVPs to confirm the phone selection, cost of device, and plan options such as long distance and roaming add-ons.

  3. Vice Presidents and/or President to approve all decisions and costs on the above migration for their division in writing.

  4. Employees with UFV owned Telus devices which are replaced will receive notification from IT Services of the date to return their current device.  With assistance from Rogers and ITS, approved employees will migrate their current mobile to a new Rogers device. 

Questions regarding the Rogers Migration Plan can be directed to

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