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Windows 10 Upgrade

Starting in Spring 2019 UFV has been transitioning supported devices to the Windows 10 (Win10) Operating System (OS).  The preparation and planning of the Windows 10 upgrade was first communicated to UFV January 2019: Windows 10 Upgrade Memo

This guide is to provide support and advice to employees as they prepare their data and machines for the move to Win10.

Steps to prepare:

  1. Remove unused and unneeded applications or programs
  2. Backup web browser bookmarks (Google Chrome and Firefox) not required for Internet Explorer or Edge
  3. Backup data and files to network drives (personal files and data stored on local hard drive)
  4. Clean up downloads

Visit ITS Security to learn about important secuirty features in the Windows 10 operating system such as SmartScreen and Bitlocker Encryption.

If you have any questions regarding the upgrade, please contact our Windows 10 project team at

Learn How to Clean up Downloads

Clean up downloads

Learn How to Uninstall Apps

Remove unused and unneeded applications or programs

Learn How to Save Firefox Bookmarks

Backup web browser bookmarks (Google Chrome and Firefox) not required for Internet Explorer or Edge

Learn How to Save Google Bookmarks

Backup web browser bookmarks (Google Chrome and Firefox) not required for Internet Explorer or Edge

Resources & FAQ

Any files stored on your C: drive are vulnerable if your computer’s hard drive crashes. If your hard drive fails, files can be corrupted and/or irretrievable. Files stored in on the file share are backup up regularly and are more secure.  UFV expects all staff to practice information security at all times.

No.  Windows 7 is no longer support as of January 2020.  In order to provide full support and secure UFV resources we must update to Windows 10 prior to this deadline.

All UFV employees are provided 25 GB of network drive space.

            Userid(\\\Employee\HomeDIR) (F:)

You can backup your local C drive data to a USB drive or an external hard drive.

As a UFV employee you are responsible for the management of your own data. All UFV data should be stored in such a way that it is backed up regularly; preferably by saving it on a network drive that is backed up nightly. Protecting information from accidental loss, corruption, or unauthorised access is critical to the business needs of the university.

The University's information is recognised as a valuable asset and is managed accordingly to ensure its integrity, security and availability. Please visit the Information Security webpage for details regarding your responsibilities towards Information Security.

Yes, if you have a laptop.  The laptop upgrade will take less than 2 days and you will be notified in advance.  The more data. you have on your local drive the longer the process will take.  Please see the clean up resources  so this process is as efficient as possible.  We can provide a loaner laptop while we are working on yours.

If this was not installed by ITS you will need to verify that the version of this device and application will operate unders Windows 10.  We recommend you contact the vendor and confirm this.  You may need to purchase a more recent version of the application.

We recommend that you scan the applications on your device.  Remove any applications that you no longer use.  For those Software applications that you use, you will need to verify with the application vendor if the version you have is compatibale with Windows 10.  If it is not compatible you will have to procure the compatible version using your departmental funds; please complete the software purchase request form.

ITS will be replacing your workstation.  We will not be replacing your monitors or printers as part of the refresh.  You can have a new standard keyboard and mouse if you wish.  We will not be replacing custom keyboards or mice.

We recommend you check with the manufacturer to confirm if it will work.  ITS can provide you with a standard keyboard and mouse if yours is not compatible.

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