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Don Miskiman

Don Miskiman, PhD; CPHR, C. Psych


School of Business

Abbotsford campus

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Dr. Don Miskiman enjoys a diverse background that has provided the opportunity of living and working throughout North America. His work is in the space where there is a mingling of psychology; architecture; business; built and natural environments; visual and creative arts; and, social activism and justice. He has worked in the private and public sectors and has experience as a musician; psychologist; business and human resource practitioner; college sports coach; and, a practitioner, researcher and teacher of mind-body and contemplative practices.

Don has held positions as Associate Professor of Organization Studies at the University of the Fraser Valley, teaching courses on environmental psychology and democratic economy; Professor of Management at Vancouver Island University, where he taught in the areas of sustainability, and social responsibility. He has been an Invited Professor to universities in the Netherlands, England, Austria, and South Korea; and, has presented at national and international congresses and conferences.

His work is directed towards the area of human - environment interconnections, and focuses on the relationships and interdependence between built and natural environments and the people living in, and travelling through them. This includes the topics of biophilia, inclusive placemaking, wayfinding, environmental psychology, sustainability-regeneration, social and economic justice, and mind-body practices. Nature, buildings, and the spaces among them, enrich or enervate our lives, affecting how we perceive, think, and feel; work, frolic and live.

Don consults with organizations and municipalities to plan, implement, and facilitate, people - place projects and activities which create healthy, inclusive, just, and sustainable communities. He also presents and lectures on people - environment, and, democratic economy topics at conferences and universities.

Teaching Interests

Courses recently taught at UFV:


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