DRAFT: UFV Academic Calendar Fall 2014

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International and Development Studies

Associate of Arts degree International and Development Studies option

Careers related to International and Development Studies

This program is designed to provide a sound background for students who intend to pursue careers in businesses with interests overseas, church work in the third world, teaching, journalism, community relations, translation, international development work, the travel industry, diplomacy, government, international trade and commerce, as well as for those wishing to prepare for advanced scholarly work and research. Currently the International and Development Studies option focuses on Latin America.

International and Development Studies field school

Optional field schools and study tours of three to six weeks duration are organized on a regular basis. A typical field school in Latin America of a three-week duration would cost approximately $2,000 plus meals. A field school certificate will be awarded to those students successfully completing this aspect of the program.

Work experience

It is recommended that students undertake an average of three hours per week voluntary work during at least one semester of the second year in the program. This can be fulfilled in a number of ways and might include activities involving community education, non-governmental organizations, church groups involved in international issues, etc. Students will thus be introduced to the work world as it pertains to the international sphere, blending academic studies with the realities of employment.

It may be possible to arrange employment opportunities, probably on an exchange basis, in the regions of specialization. This can only be done for individuals who have taken the appropriate language courses.

Entrance requirements

See the Associate of Arts degree section for details on entrance requirements and application procedures.

General requirements

60 credits of 100- and 200-level courses. A minimum of 15 credits must be completed at UFV.

Each course must be transferable to one of Simon Fraser University, University of British Columbia, University of Northern British Columbia, or University of Victoria. Transferability of courses can be found on the B.C. Transfer Guide at bctransferguide.ca. No course will be used to meet more than one of the following specific requirements.

Graduation requires a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher calculated on all courses that could apply to the program.

Specific requirements

Course Title Credits
6 credits in English or Communications:  
ENGL 105–170 or CMNS 125, 155, 251 6
9 credits in Science:  
Mathematics, Computing Science, or Statistics course 3-4
Lab science 100-level course 3-4
Science elective 100- or 200-level course 3-4
36 credits in Arts:  
ANTH 102 Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology 3
 or ECON 102 Twentieth Century Economies  
 or GEOG 140 Human Geography  
 or POSC 260 International Relations and Global Politics  
 or POSC 360 The United Nations and International Organizations  
 or SOC 101 Introductory Sociology I  
ANTH 220 Culture Change: People of the Third World 3
LAS 100 Images of Latin America 3
 or LAS 102 Latin American Study tour  
LAS 110 Pre-Columbian, Hispanic, and African Heritage of Latin America 3
 or HIST 261 Latin American History: The Colonial Experience  
 or HIST 262 Latin American History: The National Experience  
LAS 200 Introduction to Latin American Issues 3
LAS 206 The Politics of Arts in Latin America 3
SOC 250 Sociology of Development — The Global South 3
Two of:   6
GEOG 233 Selected Regions  
 or GEOG 241 Social Geography  
 or GEOG 242 Economic Geography  
 or POSC 230 Comparative Politics  
 or SOC 255/
ANTH 255/
MACS 255
Introduction to Social Research  
Humanities 100-level courses (other than English) 6
Arts elective 200-level course 3
9 credits in Arts, Science, or other areas 9
Total   60

Note 1: Recommended elective courses are ANTH 102, ECON 102, GEOG 140, GEOG 242, POSC 260, POSC 360, and SOC 101.

Note 2: You are responsible for prerequisite courses and may wish to use them to meet the above requirements where applicable.

Subject areas

Please see this section for a list of the subject areas which apply to Associate of Arts program categories.

Course listings

For complete details on courses see the course descriptions section.