DRAFT: UFV Academic Calendar Fall 2014

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Continuing Studies

Paralegal diploma

In this program, students will study the basic foundations and structure of the Canadian legal system and become familiar with litigation and legal research processes. In addition, students will develop skills in computer programs as they apply to the practice of law. Students will also acquire fundamental knowledge about the formation of contracts, breach of contracts, and remedies for the breach of contracts and will become familiar with the terminology, policies, and procedures applied to estate planning, wills, trusts, estate taxes, estate sales, and joint tenancy.

Family and criminal law are other principal subjects that will be covered in this program. Family law specializes in divorce, separation, custody, adoption, guardianship, and community property. Criminal law covers statutory crimes and punishment, crime classification, determining guilt, and basic criminal procedure concepts.

Classes are taught by lawyers and paralegals possessing exceptional academic and professional qualifications. This program blends substantive legal study with instruction and hands-on practice in paralegal skills.

Entrance requirements

1. B.C. high school graduation or equivalent. Non-graduates, aged 23 or older, may be considered on an individual basis.

2. Prerequisites for CMNS 125.

3. One of the following:

  • Successful completion at the post-secondary level, and within the past two years, of a Legal Administrative Assistant certificate program that includes a practicum; or
  • Two years’ legal secretarial experience and current employment in a law firm, and proof of 60 wpm typing speed (attach copy of certificate).

4. Willingness to undergo a security records check for practicum purposes.

5. A 500-word written statement outlining reasons for wanting to take the program.

6. Satisfactory interview with instructor(s). Applicants should be prepared to discuss their career goals and knowledge of the field and are expected to demonstrate appropriate interpersonal and life skills.

How to apply

1. Submit the application fee along with your UFV application for admission form to the Office of the Registrar (OReg). You can apply online or download an application form at ufv.ca/admissions/admissions/apply. Application forms are also available from any OReg or Student Services office.

Additional documents required for a complete application:
• 500-word written statement as outlined in the entrance requirements.
• Official transcripts (or interim transcripts) from every post-secondary institution you have attended showing grade/course achievement as per entrance requirements. To be considered official, transcripts must be sent directly to UFV from the originating institution; see the Transfer Credit section for details.
• A letter from your employer and an up-to-date resume.

2. Applicants who meet the entrance requirements will be admitted based on the date of complete applicant status. This date is set when an application, all required documentation, and the application fee have been submitted.

Fees and additional costs

Please visit the Continuing Studies web page for current fee details. See the Fees and Other Costs section for additional information. This program will not normally be eligible for financial aid.

Program duration

This two-year diploma program will be offered two days a week (early evenings) plus a Saturday for eleven months per year, followed by a six-month practicum, for a total of 75 credits.

Program requirements

Certificate requirements: 75 credits

Course Title Credits
PRLG 100 Introduction to Law 3
PRLG 105 Legal Office Procedures 1.5
PRLG 110 Information Technology and the Legal System 1.5
PRLG 115 Evidence 3
CMNS 125 Introduction to Workplace Communication
PRLG 120 Family Law 3
PRLG 125 Criminal Law and Procedures I 3
PRLG 130 Intellectual Property Law 3
PRLG 135 Wills and the Probate Administration Process 3
PRLG 140 Property Law 3
PRLG 145 Criminal Law and Procedures II 3
PRLG 150 Contracts I 3
PRLG 155 Corporate and Commercial Law 3
PRLG 200 Litigation I 3
PRLG 205 Insurance Law 3
PRLG 210 Torts I 3
PRLG 215 Administrative Law 3
PRLG 220 Contracts II 3
PRLG 225 Litigation and Its Alternatives 3
PRLG 230 Legal Research and Writing I 3
PRLG 235 Torts II 3
PRLG 240 Legal Research and Writing II 3
PRLG 250 Paralegal Practicum 12

Continuance and probation

Students whose grade point average (GPA) falls below 2.0 may be required to withdraw from the program. Students who fail to maintain a B in each course will not be eligible for a practicum.


Students who wish to return must do so within three years. Readmission will be subject to program availability.


A minimum of 50% of the required credits must be taken at UFV. The practicum must also be taken through UFV.

Graduation requirements

Students must successfully complete each course with a B, and practicum with a credit, to be eligible for graduation.

Transfer credit

Graduates of the Paralegal diploma program will be granted nine credits (including credit for CRIM 230) towards the Criminal Justice program. Please contact the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice for more information.

Course listings

For complete details on courses see the course descriptions section.