DRAFT: UFV Academic Calendar Fall 2014

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Teaching English as a Second Language

TESL certificate

The TESL certificate program prepares students for careers as teachers of English to speakers of other languages. Completion of the certificate program qualifies graduates for Level I certification from TESL Canada, the national organization of TESL professionals in Canada.

There are many opportunities to work in this rapidly growing educational field. The TESL certificate prepares students for the real world of teaching, because it offers a useful combination of theoretical and practical knowledge. Students will be taught up-to-date techniques and proven educational principles by qualified professionals. Students will also be given valuable in-class practice teaching experience.

The TESL certificate program can be taken either after completion of a bachelor’s degree program, or while completing one. If you plan to do a degree and a certificate simultaneously, you should consult with an educational advisor to ensure that you choose and schedule your courses appropriately.

Entrance requirements

For admission to the TESL certificate program, and before registering in TESL 300, TESL 310 and TESL 333, students must have completed either a bachelor’s degree or 60 credits at UFV or equivalent at a recognized post-secondary institution with a cumulative GPA of 2.67 or higher.

Applicants must satisfy the English language proficiency requirement. For details on how this requirement may be met, see English language proficiency requirement in the Admissions section of the calendar.

When to apply

Applications are accepted on a continuous basis throughout the year. Qualified applicants are considered for the next intake in which there is space. See Continuous application process for more information.

How to apply

Submit your application for admission to the Office of the Registrar (OReg). You can apply online or download an application form at ufv.ca/admissions/admissions/apply. Application forms are also available from any OReg or Student Services office. If your 60 credits have been obtained at another institution, supply official unopened transcripts. You will be notified of acceptance into the program.

Program outline

Course Title Credits
LING 101 Introduction to Language 3
LING 202 Language Acquisition 3
ENGL 105-170 Two 100-level English courses 6
ENGL 209 The Structure of the English Language 3
TESL 300 Foundations of Teaching ESL 4
TESL 310 Methodology in Teaching ESL 4
TESL 333 Teaching ESL Practicum 3
Elective Approved course in culture and communication
(Approved course list 1)
Elective Approved course in language and education
(Approved course list 2)
Total   31

Course listings

For complete details on courses see the course descriptions section.

Completion requirements

Completion of a degree program with a cumulative GPA of 2.67 or higher. Completion of courses listed in program outline (above).

Eligibility for TESL Canada certification

Graduates of the UFV TESL certificate program are eligible to apply for the TESL Canada Professional Certificate: Standard Two. Graduates are responsible for applying to TESL Canada for certification.

Course scheduling

Courses within the TESL certificate program are offered on a limited basis, so it is important for you to consult the course scheduling sheet available from Cheryl Isaac, Director of Continuing Studies at 604-854-4527 or email cheryl.isaac@ufv.ca.

Prior Learning Assessment and transfer credit

You may request up to nine credits of transfer credit or Prior Learning Assessment, consistent with the principles outlined in UFV’s Bachelor of Arts (Adult Education) program.

Note: Students currently in a UFV credit program do not have to apply to admission to the program. They can apply to graduate from the TESL certificate upon completion of all program requirements and upon completion of their BA or BGS.

List of approved elective courses

Two of the following courses may count toward completion of the UFV TESL certificate program. A grade point of 2.67 or higher must be achieved in each course in order to count toward the certificate.

List One

Courses in this category provide breadth in culture and communication:

• ANTH 102, 130, 220, 490*
• ANTH/LAS/SOC 310, 363, 388, 463*
• ANTH 470/SOC 470
• CMNS 235, 345, 385
• CRIM 211, 311, 411*
• CYC 260*, 360*, 490*
• ECON 352
• ENGL 210, 214, 227, 245, 370, 371, 372, 374, 375, 376, 379, 490*
• GEOG 140, 443
• HIST 115, 235, 236, 261, 262, 385, 489*, 490*, 499*
• KPE 170, 268, 400*
• LAS 100, 102, 200, 312*, 402, 498*
• MACS 110, 210, 212, 490*
• PHIL 220, 362, 364, 490*, 491*
• POSC 260, 290, 230
• PSYC 250, 303, 325, 351, 367, 491*, 493A*, 493B*
• RLST 202
• SOC 250, 333, 450*, 490*
• Any related course with approval of TESL coordinator

List Two

Courses in this category provide breadth in language and education:

• Any ADED (Adult Education) course
• Any ESL (English as a Second Language) course
• Any MOLA (Modern Languages) course
• Any CYC (Child and Youth Care) course
• Any EDUC (Education) course
• Any SLA (Speech and Language) course (no longer offered)
• Any ECE (Early Childhood Education) course
• Any TESL course not previously listed in the certificate program
• Any related course with approval of TESL coordinator

Note: Students must have at least one course in List One and one course in List Two. Courses marked with an asterisk (*) vary in content. They will be counted toward the certificate if the content is deemed appropriate by the TESL certificate review committee — that is, if the content is appropriately educational, cross-cultural, and/or language-oriented.

For more information

Contact Cheryl Isaac at 604-854-4527 or 604-792-0025, local 4527. Email: cheryl.isaac@ufv.ca.