DRAFT: UFV Academic Calendar Fall 2014

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Applied and Technical Studies

Parts and Warehousing certificate

Note: This program is not available in 2014/15.

Entry-level trades training

At UFV we can help put students behind the counter in the parts and warehousing industry. The program will prepare students for entry into the provincial apprenticeship program, as well as directly into employment. Students will get a thorough introduction to the trade, and develop skills expected by employers.

Theory and shop procedures are set up to simulate job conditions, so punctuality and good work habits are essential. This program is part of the entry-level provincial standard taught throughout British Columbia.

Employment opportunities

After successfully completing the program, students will be prepared for employment opportunities in the after-market industry, and with automotive dealerships, independent jobbers, warehousing, industrial suppliers, and shippers and receivers.

Program outline

The Parts and Warehousing program starts in September and ends approximately the end of May.

Students must show that they understand the theory by successfully completing a written test for each unit and then applying it to an acceptable level of practical skills as assigned in that unit.

Students will be working with the help of learning packages that will give step-by-step instructions. The learning materials may include printed worksheets, videotapes, display boards, lab manuals, instructions, and demonstrations and/or lectures.

At regular stages students will be required to move to a shop or lab area to perform various tasks in order to develop their practical skills. Practical hands-on training as a part of the total plan will increase as the student progresses through the program. As much as possible, study lab and shop instruction is patterned after “on-the-job” situations. Students will be exposed to both auto/heavy duty shop settings and aircraft stores, located at the UFV Aerospace Training Centre at the Abbotsford Airport.

The training follows a modular system that begins by developing a wide variety of basic skills, and builds on these to develop intermediate and specialized skills required in this industry. The modular curriculum provides a flexible learning path, allowing accelerated learning opportunities for those entering the program with a greater experience or skill level. This performance-paced process allows students an accelerated completion time and/or an opportunity to develop higher levels of expertise in any area of the program.

Sample topics:

• Auto parts identification and inventory
• Equipment use and application
• Catalog use/counter (shop) activities
• Personal development and customer relations
• Computer inventory control
• Computer electronic cataloguing
• Warehousing
• Industrial/Heavy Duty
• Technical Communications 115 (three academic credits)
• Aircraft component

All unit tests and assigned practicals must be completed with a passing grade before writing the final exam which is scheduled in June.