Academic Calendar 2024/25

Graduate Studies

UFV is currently developing graduate programs designed to address the development needs of professionals in the Fraser Valley. These programs will also be accessible to professionals from the rest of the province and beyond.

Graduate certificates

A graduate certificate is an integrated group of courses designed to meet specific educational needs of a group, such as continuing education or accreditation for a particular profession; respond to a specific government mandate; or provide competency in an emerging, interdisciplinary area. A graduate certificate provides students with formal recognition of the mastery of clearly defined applied skills. Generally one-year, part-time programs, graduate certificates may transfer as part of the requirements of a Master’s program at UFV or other institutions. Building on skills developed at the undergraduate or graduate degree level, these programs help professionals advance their careers. Varied delivery methods allow students to continue their regular employment while earning a valuable credential.

Master's degrees

UFV is currently developing Master's degrees in applied professional areas.

Current Students