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Biochemistry major

This section specifies the biochemistry major discipline requirements only. Please refer to the Bachelor of Science section for information on additional requirements, declaration eligibility, and residency requirements.

Lower-level requirements: 49 credits

Course Title Credits
BIO 111 Introductory Biology I 5
BIO 112 Introductory Biology II 5
BIO 201 Cell Biochemistry/Metabolism 4
BIO 202 Cell Signaling/Gene Regulation 4
BIO 220 Genetics 4
CHEM 113 Principles of Chemistry I 5
CHEM 114 Principles of Chemistry II 5
CHEM 213 Organic Chemistry I 4
PHYS 105 Heat, Waves, and Optics 5
or PHYS 111 Mechanics  
Two of: (see Note) 8
CHEM 214 Organic Chemistry II  
CHEM 221 Inorganic Chemistry  
CHEM 241 Analytical Chemistry  

Note: The courses selected here will determine which upper-level Chemistry courses students may take. Students may wish to consider taking an additional 200-level Chemistry course as an elective to increase their upper-level Chemistry options. Students should also note that MATH 211 is recommended for CHEM 324, and both MATH 211 and CHEM 224 are recommended for CHEM 422.

Upper-level requirements: 33-41 credits

Course Title Credits
BIOC 320/ BIO 320 Biochemistry 3
BIOC 350/ CHEM 350 Introductory Biochemistry Laboratory 3
CHEM 324 Chemical Kinetics and Thermodynamics 4
Three of:   9
BIOC 401/ CHEM 401 Enzymes, Coenzymes, and Inhibitors  
BIOC 412/ BIO 412 Advanced Metabolism  
BIOC 404 Biomembranes  
BIOC 414/ BIO 414 Genomics  
One of:   3-6
BIOC 403/ BIO 403 Molecular Techniques I  
BIOC 408 Directed Studies in Biochemistry I  
BIOC 409 Directed Studies in Biochemistry II  
Two of:   5-8
CHEM 311 Intermediate Organic Chemistry I  
CHEM 320 Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry  
CHEM 325 Inorganic Chemistry Labratory  
CHEM 341 Instrumental Analysis/Applied Spectroscopy  
CHEM 420 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry  
CHEM 422 Principles and Methods of Molecular Modeling  
CHEM 444 Medicinal Chemistry  
CHEM 451 Bio-inorganic Chemistry  
Two of:   6-8
BIO 309 Microbiology I  
BIO 401 Molecular Biology  
BIO 406 Advanced Genetics  
BIO 407 Applied Biotechnology  
BIO 415 Cancer Biology  
BIO 425 Introductory Medical Microbiology  
BIO 426 Environmental Microbiology  


Depending on their upper-level course selection, students will also need 3-11 credits of upper-level electives to meet the 44 upper-level credits required for the BSc.

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