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Computer Assisted Drafting (CAD) certificate

Note: This program is unavailable until further notice. CAD I: Basic AutoCAD — Part A and CAD II: Basic AutoCAD — Part B are offered as individual courses.

The following courses are part of the Computer Assisted Drafting (CAD) certificate program and are intended to prepare people with the skill-set they need for success in seeking entry-level positions in the rapidly expanding and transforming field of computer assisted drafting. Each course may be taken separately or applied to the certificate. In order to apply for the certificate credential, the courses must be completed within a three-year period with a passing grade of 75% in each course. There is a $25 graduation fee when applying for the certificate.

CAD I: Basic AutoCAD — Part A

This class covers basic AutoCAD functionality and drafting principles. Topics include CAD in industry and technical illustration methods, AutoCAD file management, navigating the AutoCAD desktop, basic drawing and editing commands, drawing aids, coordinate entry, polylines, text in AutoCAD drawings, text editing, sketch lines and hatch patterns.

CAD II: Basic AutoCAD — Part B

Continue with basic AutoCAD functionality and learn new features to enhance AutoCAD drawings. Topics include drawing setup, layers and linetypes, dimensioning in AutoCAD, paper space layouts, plotting AutoCAD drawings, blocks and attributes.

CAD III: 3D Drawings in AutoCAD

This class introduces 3D drawing creation, renderings and solid modeling. Topics include isometric drawings, orthographic views, user coordinate systems, 3D surfaces, solid modeling and composite solids, creating sections and profiles, shading and rendering presentation drawings.

CAD IV — Customization

This class introduces AutoCAD customization and AutoLISP programming. Topics include AutoCAD drawing slides, toolbar customization, sheet manager, macro routines, basic AutoLISP programming, and custom applications.

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