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Graphic and Digital Design

Graphic and Digital Design major

This section specifies the Graphic and Digital Design major requirements only. Please refer to the Bachelor of Fine Arts section for information on additional requirements. Students who have completed the Graphic and Digital Design diploma should consult with an Academic Advisor regarding laddering into this major in the BFA degree.

The Graphic and Digital Design major culminates in upper-level courses that require a series of sequential skills obtained over several semesters. Some GD courses are only offered annually. Students should make strategic course selections over at least a two-year period to ensure timely program completion.

Students will complete requirements in three curriculum areas:

  • Creative practice (54 credits)
  • Professional practice (24 credits)
  • Theory, criticality, and context (18-20 credits)

Lower-level requirements: 48 credits

Creative practice: 36 credits

Course Title Credits
GD 101 Fundamentals of Design 3
GD 154 Typography I 3
GD 157 Digital Design Media I 3
GD 159 Digital Design Media II 3
GD 202 Interactive Design I: Foundations in Web Design 3
GD 203 Dynamic Media I: Motion Graphics 3
GD 204 Interactive Design II: Web Development for Designers 3
or CIS 145 Web Publishing  
GD 216 Illustration for Visual Communication 3
GD 254 Typography II 3
GD 260 Graphic & Digital Design I 3
GD 281 Applied Photography and Video 3
VA 113 Introduction to Drawing 3
or VA 225 Figure Drawing Fundamentals (formerly VA 101)  

Theory, criticality, and context: 12 credits

Course Title Credits
AH 203 History of Posters — The Art of Persuasion 3
or GD 102 History of Graphic Design  
BUS 120 Essentials of Marketing 3
or GD 222 Design Inquiry: Ethos (formerly MEDA 222)  
Two of: 6

Upper-level requirements: 48-50 credits

Creative practice: 18 credits

Course Title Credits
GD 303 Dynamic Media II: Storytelling 3
GD 316 Print and Digital Production 3
GD 317 Graphic and Digital Design II 3
GD 374 Brand Identity I: Design 3
GD 375 Brand Identity II: Packaging 3
GD 403 Dynamic Media III: Titling and Video 3
or GD 302 Interactive Design III — Applied Web  

Professional practice: 24 credits

Course Title Credits
GD 357 Digital Project Management for Creative Practitioners 3
GD 358 Interactive Design for Portfolio 3
GD 361 Portfolio Development for Visual Communication 3
GD 450 Design Systems I: Experiential Graphic Design 3
GD 460 Design Systems II: Transmedia Solutions 3
GD 462 Visual Communication Capstone Project 6
One of: 3
AIS 380 Practicum/Internship I (formerly ARTS 380)  
COOP 110 Co-op Work Term I (see Note)  
GD 498 Directed Study in Graphic Digital Design I  
GD 499 Directed Study in Graphic Digital Design II  

Note: COOP credits not used toward program requirements can be used toward elective requirements in the BFA degree.

Theory, criticality, and context: 6-8 credits

Course Title Credits
GD 304 User Experience Design 3
One of: 3-5
GD 469 Design Inquiry: Practice (formerly MEDA 469)  
GEOG 464 Community Planning and Development: Local Applied Studio  
GEOG 466 Community Planning and Development: International Studio  


At least 50% of the upper-level credits for the major must be completed at UFV.

Declaration requirements

Students declaring the GDD major must have completed 30 credits with a CGPA of 2.0 or better. At least nine of the 30 credits completed must be in GD courses.

Students are required to purchase a MacBook Pro laptop computer according to specifications provided by the department. Please contact the GDD Lab Coordinator upon declaration to arrange equipment configuration and Adobe access.

For further information on the declaration process, please see the BFA section of the calendar.

Course listings

For complete details on courses see the course descriptions section.

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