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Meal plans offer a convenient alternative when you are busy and on the go. The best part is, a meal plan will save you time and money. Meal plans are GST exempt meaning you save 5% tax each time a meal is purchased. Foodservice locations on the Abbotsford campus include the Cascade cafeteria and Spirit Bear cafe, or at the Chilliwack campus visit the Spirit Bear cafe. Our food service provider has an onsite chef, a variety of quality products to choose from, and is committed to sourcing locally grown foods. Meals are available for take-out or you can stay and enjoy a meal or study in the designated seating areas.

How it works

Simple, meal plans are prepaid funds added to your campus card. Select a meal plan that works for you, and use your meal plans as often as you would like. Meal plans are only valid for the time specified below. Meal plans help save you money by allowing you to not pay any retail transaction fees. Link to Meal Plan form below.

The savings
Meal Plan Regular Price Tax Savings You Pay
Commuter plan
valid for 30 days (from date of purchase)
$262.50 $12.50 $250.00
Base camp
valid for full semester (until the last day of exams)
$1050.00 $50.00 $1000.00
valid for full semester (until the last day of exams)
$1575.00 $75.00 $1500.00
valid for full semester (until the last day of exams)
$2100.00 $100.00 $2000.00

Getting started

To be eligible, you must have a Campus Card and be registered as a student in the current semester. From there, simply choose your meal plan, download and fill out the Meal Plan Form, and visit the Campus Card office, S1101, for assistance.

Need more info

Contact the card office at or call 1-888-504-7441 ext. 4176

The fine print is listed here under terms and conditions.

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