Campus Card

Copy cards

Students: use your Campus Card for printing and photocopying. Simply load your card and you're good to go.

UFV department copy card;

  • Are issued through the Campus Card office.
  • Use the online form or contact us at local 4176.
  • Have no expiry date.

Mission campus copy card;
Value can be added directly to a student's card by calling the Campus Card office using a credit card. Balances rollover to the next semester. Students who do not have a Campus Card have the option to purchase a copy card;

  • Cost of $2.00 per card, non-refundable, plus value added.
  • Are sold at the Mission Registration office.
  • Expire two years from the date of the last transaction.
  • Expired copy cards are de-activated.
  • Any remaining balances are forfeited.

Student one-time emergency copy card;
Temporarily mis-placed your Campus Card or left it home and need to print right away?

  • Cost of $2.00 per card, non-refundable.
  • Are sold in the Campus Card office.
  • Will be added to the student's account.
  • Can access existing account balance.
  • Expire in two business days from date of purchase.
  • Expired cards are de-activated.
  • Balances remain with the student's account. 

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