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Campus Card

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Campus Card Services

Use your card today and take advantage of all the services available on campus. 

Events: present your card to attend campus events or participate in the book buy-back program. 

University ID: Campus Security or Office of the Registrar require your Campus Card to access services. 

Retail locations: load your card with Cascade Cash to buy supplies and textbooks, or use your meal plan.

Library resources: show your card and borrow resources from the library.

Print and photocopy: use your card to print and photocopy.

Mid-terms and finals: be prepared to show your card prior to writing an exam.

Campus Athletics gym: TBA 

Student Union Society U-PASS: access local recreation centres or ride BC Transit.

Participating retailer maps

Abbotsford Campus Map

CEP Campus Map

TTC Campus Map

Meal plans are accepted at the following locations

Abbotsford campus: Cascade cafe

Chilliwack campus: Spirit Bear cafe

Use Cascade Cash at the following locations

Abbotsford campus

  • Foodservices: Cascade cafe, Tim Hortons, Spirit Bear cafe, Fair Grounds, and Streats
  • Supplies: Bookstore
  • Printing: Computer labs and the library
  • Events: International Education and Athletic events
  • Baker House: Residence laundry, or pay for sundry items at the Front Desk

Chilliwack CEP campus

  • Foodservices: Spirit Bear cafe
  • Supplies: Bookstore
  • Printing: Computer labs and the library

Chilliwack Trades and Technology Center

  • Foodservices: Rivers Cafe

Mission campus / Hope campus

  • Printing: Computer labs

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